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Dodging A Bullet

Summer's walking around the park and watching the Groundhog Day festival get set up when she gets a call from Bright. She says that she's looking at Newport Chuck right now and he looks really sad in his cage. Probably because he just spent the last night freezing on that roof. Bright tells Summer that "the man" caught him and he needs Summer to rescue Chuck because he and Seth can't. She doesn't want to, but with a rueful look back at Seth, Bright tells her that sometimes "our destiny is chosen for us." Bright really wishes he was Jesus, I think. Way to waste your one phone call, Chosen One.

Summer does some undercover work at the stupid festival and finds out that on stage with Newport Chuck will be some police officers, government officials, and, of course, some people wearing stupid groundhog costumes. In fact, there's one right over there who's about Summer's height and build. How conveeeeeeeeenient.

Julie slams Kaitlin's bedroom door shut and asks her why she emailed BULLIT pretending to be her. Kaitlin shrugs and says she was trying to help since she knew her mother didn't "deal well" with long-distance relationships. Julie asks if BULLIT's bank account had anything to do with it, and Kaitlin expertly deflects the question by asking about Julie's mystery man. Julie tells her to stay out of her private life and reminds her that relationships aren't just about money, even though nothing Julie's ever done in her life has supported this statement. We must lead by example, Julie. Kaitlin says she doesn't care about BULLIT because of his bank account. At Julie's withering stare, she admits she does care about the bank account a little. But more importantly, BULLIT loves Julie, is nice, and would be a great step-dad. D'oh! She pulled the needy daughter card. Julie sighs and sits down next to Kaitlin. She says Kaitlin has to tell BULLIT "the truth," which is not going to be fun for anyone except for Dateline NBC when they get to rush Chris Hansen out to tell BULLIT that he's under arrest for getting sexual in emails to an underage girl. Kaitlin says she'll be taking BULLIT with her to Kirsten's stupid party, so Julie will have to make up her mind about his proposal by then. Kaitlin needs to not be in love with her possible future step-dad. It's getting kind of weird. But I guess this is what happens when fathers abandon their children, Jimmy.

Kirsten comes home from her doctor's appointment that we didn't get to see because that would mean seeing Kirsten, which is unacceptable. She sighs and looks sad, of course, then answers a phone call from a desperate Julie, who needs advice about what to say to BULLIT. She says she has a secret lover, and Kirsten will not believe who it is. Kirsten says she'd rather lie down than talk to Julie, because the depression is consuming her. She hangs up on Julie.

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