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Sandy gets off the phone with some guy in a junk yard who has the present Sandy's been looking for for Kirsten. Good thing they did all their business in the middle of the park like that. All the better for Taylor to stalk Ryan. But first, Sandy and Ryan have a man-to-man chat about Ryan's relationship woes. Listening in, of course, is someone in a groundhog mascot uniform, who walks right on into a tree and then whines, in Taylor's voice so there won't be any mistaking who's inside the costume, "stupid tree!" Sandy gets a call and takes off as the groundhog gets closer and closer to Ryan on the park bench. He turns around and startles Taylor, who tries to run but trips over herself in a most embarrassing fashion. I know because I tripped over myself recently in mid-sprint and wiped out spectacularly, skinning my knee and sending dust clouds flying into the air, and a lot of people saw me, and it was not cool. So I feel for Taylor here. The groundhog head flies off, revealing Taylor. She tells Ryan to forget he ever knew her, grabs the head, and run/waddles away. Why does Ryan put up with this?

They've got TV in Newport Prison, and a breaking news story informs the jailhouse residents that Newport Chuck was chuck-napped during a press conference by a woman dressed in a groundhog costume. We see footage of the incident, where a groundhog mascot slides across the stage, grabs the cage, and takes off without tripping over itself. The reporter concludes that Newport Chuck is still missing, but the police found and arrested a woman they believe was responsible. Seth tells Bright that his dad should be coming around to pick them up soon, and Darryl asks if Sandy will be freeing him as well. Seth says sure, but Darryl says he doesn't want to leave jail, and homeless people should not be the subject of derision. This show is very insensitive towards their plight. Anyway, Bright decides to finally come clean to Seth and starts telling him about his dream and their soul connection when he's interrupted (of fucking course) by the arrival of someone in a groundhog costume. She's got the head on and everything. Did they take her mugshot like that? And what the hell are they doing, keeping her in a holding cell right next to all those male ne'er-do-wells (except Darryl, who was probably the victim of all-too-common police discrimination against the homeless)? She pulls off her head and it's not Summer, but the girl Summer spotted earlier. Bright stares at her and her totally hippie hair braids and falls in love. He realizes that he wasn't in love with an otter in his stupid dream, but a groundhog. Easy mistake to make, I guess. Bright approaches the girl and takes her groundhog-costumed hand into his. He's one of those furries, isn't he? They just stare at each other. I'm really glad these two people I care nothing about have found love so that the people on this show I actually do care about can get some fucking camera time before the show goes off the air in like four weeks. Darryl informs Seth that he "ate a squirrel once." Being that desperate for food isn't something to joke about, show. Also, where is his homeless friend, Bill? I liked him better. Anyway, Sandy finally shows up to bail Seth and Bright out of jail, but Bright decides to stay behind with the girl until she gets bailed out, too.

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