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Bangs And Banging

Lady Heather joins Kirsten, declaring her hatred of Valentine's Day. Kirsten joins in, wondering why they ever bother to celebrate anything. She asks about Caleb, and Lady Heather explains that he didn't show, so she's going to go home, have a warm bath, and either slit her wrists or drink an entire bottle of wine. Kirsten's all, "Wine. Definitely." Lady Heather adds that it's a good thing Caitlyn's at a sleepover, because she'll be blasting Bob Seger tonight. Kirsten's all, "We'll keep our windows closed." Hee. Lady Heather leaves, and the camera pans over to show Luke, rubbing his hands together and watching her go.

Ryan sits at a table, while Marissa blinks and wriggles around in the background of the shot. She bestows upon him her most hopeful smile; his expression is more a grimace than a smile in return. When Marissa asks if they can start over, Ryan looks momentarily hopeful that they can. She extends a hand to introduce herself; he looks at her hand, and his face falls as he says he knows what she's trying to do, but he can't. He leaves, and she slumps into a chair.

Seth, meanwhile, approaches Summer to talk. When she asks if he wants another shot, he cuts her off to say he gets it: clearly something isn't working, and he knows it's his fault. She asks what he's trying to say, and he suggests that in a few years he might be ready for her, but in the meantime he's just going to "bow out." Summer looks tearful as she watches Seth walk away.

At The Only Other Restaurant in Orange County, Jimmy and Hailey flirt by candlelight, drink wine, and eat cookies. She commends him on the place, and he enthuses over how his life feels like it's coming together for the first time in forever. We see that Hailey felt the need to change, earlier, to keep up with Jimmy's flannel. When he asks why she didn't leave, since she was in such a rush to get out of town, Hailey explains that she realized she had nowhere to go and no one to see. Jimmy goes all Stage Manager on her ass about how she should go, because it's easy to get stuck there and it feels like time isn't passing, but it is. He insists that she owes it to herself to leave and make a life for herself elsewhere. She flirtily asks why she needs to leave, since he's there. Jimmy exclaims that it's exactly why she needs to leave! They can't do this! Hailey asks why not, and Jimmy explains that he feels guilty enough lying to Kirsten about the cookies, never mind about Hailey. He wishes they could; she believes him.

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