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Bangs And Banging

Pool house. Theresa and Ryan lie in bed together, reminiscing about a time when Ryan tried to jump a fence, but his pants got caught and he face-planted. He mockingly recollects his grace, as Theresa further recalls that they had no ice and had to use a frozen bag of peas. Aw. Ryan looks so completely at ease in this scene, groaning at the "miracle cure" that is frozen peas. Theresa thinks it's amazing that they ran into each other on Valentine's Day; when Ryan doesn't answer, Theresa says she has to go back. She asks if he goes to lots of these events; when he says he does every week, she suggests that she might run into him again. Plus she knows where he lives.

Cut to a shot of Luke's hopeful face, and a door swinging open to reveal a wine-drinking Lady Heather and the faint tune of "Night Moves" in the background. Lady Heather groans that Luke shouldn't be there, and he agrees. Her red satin robe sets off her flippy red hair quite nicely. When Luke explains that she looked so sad when she left and he couldn't bear the thought of her alone on Valentine's Day, Lady Heather is clearly halfway to wooed. She's also halfway to shit-faced, so Luke's odds are looking pretty good right now. Lady Heather jokes that most people would enjoy the thought of her being alone, but Luke's all serious: "Not me." He tells her she's an "amazing" Hee. As Luke insists that Caleb doesn't appreciate her because he's too old to see what he's lucky enough to have, Lady Heather is wide-eyed and listening; Luke goes on about how she's always been the coolest mom, and let them listen to their music in the car pool and watch R-rated movies. He then bashfully starts talking about a game called "Ultimatum," which he explains to her as, "You know? Who of your friends' moms would you rather do?" Lady Heather's voice is rich with amusement as she asks, "That's a game?" When Luke says she always won, Lady Heather's all, "Really? I beat Kirsten?" But it's not so flattering in retrospect, since the name "Ultimatum" implies that none of the choices is exactly desirable. And besides, I don't exactly see Luke and Seth -- even after they became friends -- sitting down to play this game together, so Kirsten wouldn't have ever been an option. In any case, Luke continues that he just thought Lady Heather should know the truth on Valentine's Day. That said, he wishes her goodnight and turns to leave, but she grabs his arm, telling him to wait. They both look at her hand on his arm. She pauses, thinks it over, and chugs her wine as Bob Seger warbles on about being young and restless and bored. Lady Heather thanks Luke, and then steps toward him and kisses him. He doesn't return the kiss at first -- clearly he didn't see this as the likely end result, even if he'd hoped it would be -- and he finally kisses her back. They kiss. Awkward teenage blues. Finally, Lady Heather pulls away and asks if Luke wants to come in. She admits him, and then looks around suspiciously to see if anyone is watching before closing the door. The time to do that would have been before she made out with him on the front porch, though.

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