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Bangs And Banging

Marissa stomps through the courtyard of The Big House; she pauses outside the pool-house door, and then bursts in, yelling about where Theresa is! She wants her to know that she's not going to lose Ryan or give up on him! Ryan quietly explains that Theresa left, and Marissa rushes toward him; she clutches his wife-beater-clad shoulders, and he rubs her arms. She goes in for the kiss, but he's not having it. As she pleads with him to just forgive her, he asks how? He doesn't know if they should be together, because it was so easy for someone to come into their lives and get between them! How does he know it won't happen again? "Wonderwall" is still playing, and it's distractingly discordant, but it works so well here as Marissa insists that Ryan just has to trust her. He's all, "Like you trusted me?" She pleads with him, and then finally sees that it's futile. She concludes, "So, that's it." He insists that he can't pretend it didn't happen, and she runs out of the room. He follows her to the doorway, watching her go, and then closes the door. The light from The Big House reflects off the pool and casts shimmery light onto the closed doors.

Next time on The O.C., Summer flirts with other guys while Anna mocks her behavior. Caleb needs Sandy's help; Lady Heather tells Luke they can't do it in the Harbor School hallway; Marissa goes to Theresa's house, and Theresa goes to Ryan's house. Also, Sandy says, "Dios mio."

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