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Harbor School. Man. When this show gets some real, high-school-aged extras, it highlights just how old the cast of this show looks sometimes. Ryan and Marissa hug in the hallway; Marissa goes for the lips and gets the cheek. Burn! They small-talk over their mutual inability to sleep, and Marissa laments that she just keeps going over it all in her head. Ryan suggests that since Oliver is now hospitalized, he may get better. When Marissa says she's just ready for everything to return to normal, Ryan can't muster a response. She hopefully brings up Valentine's Day, asking about his plans; he explains that he's committed to Kirsten's event. Marissa says, "For the hospital!" in what may be the most awkward, unlikely line delivery Mischa Barton has yet put forth on this show. Ryan mutters that he told Kirsten he'd go because he didn't know about Marissa's plans. Marissa announces that she'll go too, and then jokes that maybe they'll each meet someone there. The bell rings, and Ryan and Marissa head awkwardly away from each other down the hallway, making perplexed faces as they go.

In the Student Disunion, Summer plays Galaga in the same squatting stance in which Marisa Joy sings. When Seth approaches, she whines that she was going for the high score and that he made her mess up, to which he's all, "Good to see you, too!" He mentions Valentine's Day, and Summer snottily thanks him for the reminder, telling him to have fun with Anna. And while she may be able to maintain some measure of cool to her voice, the Galaga machine suffers mightily. Seth reveals that Anna is Pittsburgh, and Summer snits at the lack of commitment demonstrated by the couple's separation on Valentine's Day. Seth finally tells Summer about the breakup, and we hear the sound effects of Summer losing her game. I don't know Galaga, but its defeated sounds are exactly like when a ghost catches poor Pac-Man. When Seth asks what Summer is doing the next day, she bitterly asks why he would possibly think she'd go out with him after Anna dumped him. With the perfect combination of vitriol and uncertainty, Summer snits, "I'm not gonna be your sloppy seconds, assface." And that's what's called a line delivery, Mischa Barton. Take note. Summer adds that she's busy the next night with the Valentine's Day dance, anyway. When Seth announces that he's also going, they go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with the insults until Summer caps it off with the always stinging "Not if I see you first." Seth proposes that they both might meet someone special, and Summer responds, "Oh yeah, maybe. As long as his name isn't 'Cohen'!" As she stomps away in her cute red outfit, Seth groans, "Oh, oh. Snap." This sentiment is accompanied by an oversized air snap. Hee.

Sandy enters Kirsten's office at the Newport Group, groaning that he's late because "crusading for the rich and dysfunctional is truly time-consuming." When Kirsten asks for a few minutes to finish working, Sandy moans that he's starving and has been "thinkin' about nothing but crab cakes" for the last hour. As much as I like a good crab cake, I can't imagine thinking about one for sixty seconds straight, never mind sixty minutes. What's there to think about? The crab-to-filler ratio? And besides, if Sandy was so hungry, he shouldn't have been late! When Kirsten asks if he'll be around the next day to help set up for the dance, Sandy responds that he's got to work. In fact, he's booked up all weekend and might even be late for the Valentine's Day Gala. Kirsten points out that they're supposed to go together, but Sandy tells her he has restaurant stuff to deal with. She asks whether it needs to be done on a Saturday, and then declares, "No. I forbid it." Sandy's all, "You what?" and Kirsten adds, "With whatever wifely authority I have vested in me on this most holy and romantic of days? No."

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