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Bangs And Banging

We get our first glimpse into Summer's bedroom, which is exactly what I'd expect from Summer -- girlish and purple. She lies on the bed watching television and we faintly hear a "Previously on The Valley." A voice from the television yowls, "I just don't feel like I fit here in Tarzana!" Who would? Do you need to wear a loincloth and swing from a grapevine? What kind of name is that for a town? ["Pipe down, or Tarzana will get screwed out of its P.F. Chang's franchise!" -- Wing Chun] When a knock sounds at the door, we see that Summer's learned at least one thing from Seth; she yells, "I'm busy! Studying! Naked!" Through the door, Seth responds, "Is that supposed to keep me away?" Summer scurries to let him in, and then shortly concludes, "You're at my house." He looks her over and responds, "And you are dressed. I wonder who's more disappointed." When he asks if he may come in, she flatly says he can't, but he pushes past her anyway. She asks what he's doing there, but he's fixated on something on her dresser. He picks up a My Little Pony doll and sweetly asks who it is. When she responds, "No one," he wiggles it at her he says in his best high-pitched My Little Pony voice, "I'm not no one." Aw. Summer's all, "Princess Sparkle. What do you want?" Seth suggests that Princess Sparkle is just Captain Oats's type, and Summer sassily responds, "Well, you tell him to keep his hooves off!" Summer starts to tell Seth the same, but he cuts her off to ask for a second before she kicks him out. He urges her to listen, and then explains that it's not like he's choosing Summer now just because he and Anna broke up. He earnestly says, "'Cause the whole reason that we broke up is...'cause for me? It's always been you, Summer. I've had to fight it, and I've tried to deny it and I can't. I can't do it. You're undeniable." What a perfect speech! How very John Cusack! How very REO Speedwagon! Yay! Summer leaps forward to kiss him, and they fall to the bed together; she unzips her sweat jacket (it's sexier than it sounds) and lies on top of him. Two seconds into the kissing, she asks if he has a condom, except she fumbles toward calling it a "you know." He does have one in his wallet, and then rambles that he was starting to view it as a rabbit's foot for good luck. She clamps a hand over his mouth and says, "You're about to get lucky." She sits up and removes her shirt, and we see her braless back. We also see Seth's aghast expression as the soundtrack pipes in with a male voice enthusing, "Hello, sunshine!" Seth stares at her breasts and mumbles, "Whatever you say, Summer. Yes. Yes." She smiles sweetly, and falls forward to him.

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