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Bangs And Banging

Back from the commercial, we get our second parental-discretion warning of the episode. Evidently, they've chosen to use this particular voice-over guy since the nasal tone of his voice alone is enough to stop all teen sex from happening again ever.

In the pool house, we see that Ryan has learned to knot his own tie. Seth enters, announcing that one day when he's reflecting over this period in his life, he'll remember the chats before the big events as his favorite times. Ryan asks what this particular chat is about, and then notices that Seth is squinting and rubbing his eye. Seth explains that his vision is blurry because "Summer poked [him] in it with her big toe." Ryan asks why she'd do that, and Seth says he doesn't know; he says it was an accident: "there were limbs everywhere," and he's just lucky he can still see. Ryan deduces that they did it again, and Seth's all, "Technically, yes." He adds that it wasn't pretty, and that he might have also suffered a spinal injury. Ryan suggests that he wear a helmet and mouthguard next time. Seth worries that there won't be a next time after this "latest débacle," which sucks, he says, because he knows he has "so much more to give." Ryan's all, "I don't need to know that." Hee. When Seth asks if Ryan wants to skip the event, Ryan explains that there's "someone" there he wants to see. In response to Seth's raised eyebrow, Ryan tells him it's "an old friend."

At the Non-Beautiful Blue Bachelor Pad, Summer looks a little hooker-y in a red dress with a black shawl. For once, it looks exactly like a dress a high-schooler might wear to a dance. Hooker-y and all. Marissa is wearing pink, and her bangs have gotten particularly thick. They look fine, but she'll be tired of them in about two seconds. Summer is also contemplating skipping the event, and Marissa says she doesn't want to go either, but Theresa will be there! Summer asks what Marissa plans to do about that -- spy on her and Ryan? Marissa says she doesn't intend to do that, then admits she kind of does. When Marissa continues lamenting the status of her relationship with Ryan, Summer says she needs a hug. She then begins hobbling across the room toward Marissa; Seth kneed her in the leg. Marissa -- who notices only now that Summer is "limpin,'" after they've presumably been together for several minutes -- asks why, and Summer supposes that Seth must have read it in the Kama Sutra. They hug as Summer continues grimacing. Marissa determines that there was more sex, and Summer is all, "If you can call it that." She echoes Seth's "limbs everywhere" line, and the girls agree that love hurts.

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