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Seals bask on a rock. Yay! Seals! We pan over a view of the coast. Outside the Big House, nothing happens. Inside the Big House, Kirsten pours orange juice. This, evidently, is excitement, since orange juice place a big role in this episode. Actually, orange juice doesn't play a big role in this episode, but it should, since it's so heavily featured. Seth sips coffee, which is not orange juice. Blasphemy! Kirsten asks if Seth's excited for the first day of school, and he shoots her a dubious look. She shakes her head and jokes that she asks questions in the hopes of actually eliciting a response; Seth, however, feels he "convey[s] more with a look." He punctuates this statement with yet another adorable look, which Kirsten identifies as such. This comment doesn't please Seth, and he emphatically insists, "No." She continues, "Cute?" "No." "Dope?" "No." "Rad?" The "rad" is one maternal-attempt-at-coolness too much, and Seth begs her to stop; she apologizes and turns to ask the just-entered Sandy about his surfing excursion. He cut it short because he wanted to see the boys off to school. How very parent-of-a-kindergartner of him! He grabs a bottle of water from the fridge as Kirsten points out again that Seth looks "rad." Sandy agrees that he does, and then pounds his chest and says, "Mad props, son." Hee.

To Seth's relief, Ryan enters and breaks up the embarrassment fest; Seth asks if he's ready to go. Sandy will not be deterred from his goofiness, though, and asks if Ryan is excited; the camera zooms in on Ryan's skeptical expression and Sandy concludes, "Enough said." Sandy even sips water goofily. Peter Gallagher has equal ability in portraying both the cool and the cool-impaired. An amazed Seth wonders how Ryan manages to convey so much with just a look. Ryan turns the glare his way -- it's not quite "Blue Steel," so let's go with "Blue Plastic" -- and Seth concludes, "And again!" Ryan drinks orange juice as Kirsten asks if he's nervous. He asks why he would be, and Seth jumps in to explain, "Because we're going to school with, like, three hundred of Luke's [indistinguishable mumble] redeeming social qualities." Seriously, I listened to that about fifteen times and force my husband to do the same. I thought I was going to break my VCR from rewinding and replaying so much. In any case, Seth -- who slurps his coffee exactly in the way one would expect one with a lisp to do -- realizes that Ryan was being sarcastic. In response, Ryan pours himself some more orange juice.

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