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Sandy unloads his surfboard from his car as Kirsten emerges from the Big House. He groans, "Oh, I know that look." She announces that she was trying to keep the case from her father in order to protect them, but it's on the front page! The headline, by the way, reads, "Wetlands Lawsuit Turns Personal: The Heights Reaches New Low as Hubby Attorney Takes on Wife and Father-in-Law's Company." What kind of headline is that? ["Seriously -- 'hubby'?" -- Wing Chun] Kirsten thought they could settle the matter privately between them, but really, the only way they could do that would be if Sandy didn't take the case. (In other words, if she got her way.) A dismayed Sandy insists that it wasn't supposed to go to the press. Kirsten yells that it's his firm, and now the entire community knows they're fighting! He's all, "Well, I guess they got the story straight." Kirsten slams the door.

Ryan enters the den, where Seth is sitting on the couch. He asks what Seth's doing. Um. He's sitting on the couch. The question, apparently, is just an excuse for Seth to reveal yet another quirkily adorable habit: he's having his "morning ritual," which consists of coffee, bagel, and the Arts and Leisure section. Ryan is amazed that Seth has a morning ritual, and Seth claims it's something he's been "crafting" for a while. Seth asks what's up, because he feels like they never get a chance to talk anymore; he asks, "Who are you?" Ryan deadpans that they had dinner twelve hours ago. Seth's all, "Fine. You keep it all bottled up." Ryan turns away from Seth, then back toward him for the briefest second, and then away again; Seth's all, "What was that?" Ryan claims it was nothing, but Seth insists, "See, I saw something. I saw thoughts forming. I saw words percolating." Aw, with the "percolating." Seth makes a little finger flitting "bring it on" gesture as Ryan tells him to forget it. Seth persists, and finally Ryan reveals that he saw Luke and Marissa together last night. Seth asks if they were making out, and Ryan explains that they were making up. He says that Luke was crying, and Seth's all, "Luke was crying?" Seth unconvincingly concludes that it doesn't sound like anything, and Ryan thinks it doesn't sound like nothing; he thinks it looked like they were getting back together. Seth urges Ryan to ask Marissa, because if nothing is going on, she'll tell him. He doesn't say what she'll tell him, though, if something is going on.

Summer and Marissa are conveniently having the same conversation, and we join them as Summer decrees that Marissa can't tell Ryan. Marissa asks whether she shouldn't just be honest with Ryan but people are never honest with each other on teen dramas, because if they were, there never would be any ridiculous misunderstandings or silly plot contrivances. Summer insists that since Marissa and Ryan haven't even gone on a date yet, Marissa will only freak Ryan out. Summer concludes, "Trust me, Coop. What he doesn't know won't hurt you."

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