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Soccer field. Ryan does drills and receives kudos from the coach. On the sidelines, Luke is tying his shoes as Marissa arrives and greets him. He apologizes for yesterday's intensity, and considers that the last time he cried was "when Macaulay Culkin cried at the end of My Girl." Marissa remembers -- "the bees thing" -- and agrees that Luke was a mess. From the field, Ryan witnesses this exchange and goes all Danny Zuko, running with increased determination and sneaking looks over in her direction. If only there were some hurdles for him to run into so that Marissa could dash onto the field and cry, "Ryan!" in a breathless, flustered voice. Although I think lifting the basketball scene in which Danny punches a guy to get the ball would have been a funnier one to steal. And I don't know how my recaps tend to end up on Grease flashbacks. Marissa stands on the sidelines and shades her eyes to watch as the coach -- who is no Sid Caesar -- beckons Luke; he runs to the front of one of two lines, apologizing because he had to tape up his ankle. Ryan shoulders his way up the front of the second line so that he can face off against Luke. From the sidelines, Marissa cheerily waves; when Ryan doesn't look back, she looks confused. The whistle blows, and Luke takes off down the field with the ball; Ryan chases behind him, and then slide-tackles him. The coach blows his whistle and runs out onto the field with a cry of "Illegal!" as Luke clutches his ankle and rolls around on the ground, and Marissa rises to her feet in alarm. The coach grabs the thugged-out Ryan and orders him off the field. He runs past his potential teammates as one grumbles, "What's your problem, dude?"

Dinner table. The Big House. Seth asks Ryan how soccer practice was; he gets no response. Sipping. Eating. Seth asks how Sandy's new job is; he gets no response. Sipping. Eating. Seth turns to ask Kirsten how her day was, but she silences him with a glare. He concludes, "I'm just going to be quietly eating now." Aw. In this scene, by the way, all of the Cohens eat using chopsticks. Ryan -- seeing as he is from Chino -- just lowers his head to the plate and chows down.

Pool house. Ryan studies by romantic lamplight. Marissa's concerned face appears in the reflection of the glass door. Without knocking, Marissa lets herself in and asks what that was was about, earlier. He asks, "What?" and she points out that Ryan attacked Luke! He blows it off, explaining that Luke beat him to the ball, and that it was a clean tackle. She asks why he's lying to her, and he counters by asking why she's lying to him. She asks what he's talking about, and he reveals that he saw and heard everything between her and Luke yesterday. Marissa whines that she didn't know what to say to Luke, and Ryan wonders, why not the truth? Marissa yells that he should have just told her he knew instead of going off and hurting Luke! Ryan's just as bad as Luke is! He responds in a way that tells us everything we need to know about poor Ryan: "You know what? I don't need to be lied to by one more person!" Marissa insists that she didn't lie to him; what happened was between her and Luke and has nothing to do with Ryan. He agrees that she's right! It does have nothing to do with him! He defensively concludes, "This just isn't gonna happen." Marissa agrees that it's not and storms out. Ryan fiddles with his pencil and looks upset.

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