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Kickoff Carnival. Seth and Anna play skeeball, and Seth conjectures, "If only skeeball were a school sport, you know what I mean?" Anna thinks "a boy can dream." Seth encourages Anna to take a shot, assuring her that it's easy. What's not easy, however, is looking at that Bag Lady Barbie outfit Anna's got on. Bag Lady Barbie, apparently, has access to Susanna Hoffs's trash can. Ryan joins them, and Anna earnestly asks if he's had any luck finding Marissa; he hasn't. Seth orders Ryan to let Anna concentrate, because "she dares to step up to the master." Anna prevails and acts surprisingly girly about her victory. Seth's all, "Well, clearly you're a lesbian." She shoots him a look. So do I. Seth announces that he's going to trade in his tickets for prizes, then backtracks to ask if he should get Summer something; what does Anna think she'd like? Anna shoots him a well-executed "What the fuck?" look, and Seth concludes that he'll figure it out on his own.

In Seth's absence, Anna laments that Seth doesn't understand the whole hard-to-get strategy. Ryan responds, "That's because he's not." Hee. As they continue to play skeeball side by side, Ryan asks why Anna's helping Seth with Summer. She replies, "Why not?" and then Ryan's all with the Blue Plastic and the raised eyebrows, but not the elbow-in-the-side and the, "Huh? Huh? Huh?" Cornered, Anna complains that Seth doesn't see her that way: "When he looks at Summer he sees lips...and hair...and boobs..." but when he looks at Anna, he sees a lab partner. Aw. Anna insists that she and Seth are friends; and Ryan slyly asks whether she's really just going to let it go. He turns to face her and says, "Anna, guys wanna be chased by girls who aren't interested in them." I hope there are more Ryan/Anna moments, because the lack of forced chemistry with a focus on their potential friendship is refreshing: he'll never carry her inert body somewhere while all backlit and baroque. Ryan spots Marissa over Anna's shoulder; he also spots an extra wearing what appear to be leg warmers on her arms. Anna encourages Ryan, and he acknowledges that she's heading for the ferris wheel. Anna wishes him good luck, and smiles hopefully for him as he goes.

Luke, in the meantime, has assumed Sandy's role in popping up at inopportune times. He and Ryan run into each other, and after what's clearly an internal struggle, Ryan apologizes for the day before. Ryan sneaks a look past Luke at Marissa, and Luke turns and sees her as well. Luke looks at Ryan. Ryan looks at Luke. Luke doesn't make a move as Ryan pushes past.

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