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Elsewhere in Orange County, more orange juice is being poured by Marissa, as Summer tells her not to be nervous about school. Marissa insists that she's not nervous; she's just not going! Summer -- apparently wearing an orange costume in honor of the episode's theme -- insists that Marissa has to go because she "own[s] the school." Summer asks about the "Kickoff Carnival," because Marissa's still the social chair. Marissa mock-considers her options: being humiliated in front of the entire school, or hiring someone to do balloon animals. Summer gasps and exclaims, "You have to hire the guy who makes the balloon octopus!" Hee. Summer gets serious to point out that Luke cheated on Marissa, and that she almost died in Mexico, and that Jimmy's in the middle of a financial scandal. Marissa cuts Summer off to ask if she's trying to make Marissa feel better, and so Summer gets to the actual point: there is no bad publicity. Suddenly, Marissa starts sniffing into the air like Pepé Le Pew following a visible plume of scent. She asks if something is burning, just as Jimmy carries in two plates, explaining that it's a new oven, so he hasn't quite figured out how to make French toast in it. Summer's all, "Not in the oven would be a good place to start." Hee. Jimmy is obviously overwhelmed as he explains that since no one will hire him and he has plenty of time, he's going to go out and buy a cookbook. ["Hey. Jimmy. You're in serious financial trouble. How about checking out a cookbook from the library, holmes?" -- Wing Chun] Jimmy encourages the girls to eat, insisting, "They're crunchy! See?" He clanks his fork against a turd-like piece of French toast. Marissa declines the offer, and Summer announces that she doesn't know whom she's more worried about. Jimmy proposes that it's safe to say this year will be different.

Against a foreground of oddly interposed green ceramic-ware and oversized oranges (mutant lemon-lime arrangement nowhere in sight), Kirsten echoes Jimmy's sentiment. Seth claims it's their annual "mantra," and yet every year "some big water-polo player ends up, uh, peein' in one of [Seth's] shoes." As Sandy stops to stare at him, Seth adds, "Nah, I'm just kidding. They pee in both." Uncomfortable with this disclosure, Seth changes the subject to Ryan, announcing that he has Mr. Schmidt for pre-calculus. Kirsten's head whips around in dismay while Sandy looks concerned. Ryan asks what's wrong with Mr. Schmidt, and Seth responds, "Say hi to his mole for me!" Sandy, all raised caterpillars, notes that at least Seth and Ryan have each other. Seth proclaims his dad "very wise," but Ryan concludes that they're doomed.

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