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Soccer field. Ryan looks really short in shin pads or whatever they are. I don't much know soccer. I also don't much know Hobbits, but Ryan looks a little like one in his gear. Still hot, but Hobbit-like all the same. When Ryan reveals that he's going out for striker, the coach points out "that kid out there" who is not only the team captain, but also the striker. And, of course, it's Luke. As Ryan hustles out onto the field, the coach announces that Luke has some competition.

Marissa, meanwhile, is wrapping up her meeting, and trying to sound remotely authoritative talking about parking and booking bands. As she gathers up her books to leave, a very sweaty Luke rounds the corner, and they come face to face; he insists that they need to talk, but she says he doesn't want to hear what she has to say! He says she does! She says that all he wants is for her to tell him that everything is okay now, but that she can't because it's not! He knows and he's sorry! She doesn't care how he feels! Or what he's going through! Because he sure as hell didn't care about her! He claims that it's not true, and she lowers her voice to say that she slept with him, and then he slept with one of her best friends. She waited for him! And he lied to her! And humiliated her! She stomps back into the room, throws her books down on the table, and sits down. Luke follows her inside just as a clothed and completely non-sweaty Ryan approaches (having apparently have worked some Hobbit-type magic in showering and clothing himself in the mere seconds Luke has been with Marissa). Ryan stops when he sees Luke and Marissa together, and lurks outside the doorway of the classroom as Luke whispers to Marissa that he's sorry. He asks if Marissa has any idea how hard it is to go to school every day and not be able to talk to her; she asks if he thinks it's easy for her. He proposes that they start over again; she doesn't answer as he adds that he doesn't know what he'd do without her. He claims that just because he ruined everything, it doesn't mean he didn't love her, because he did. This catches Marissa's attention, and she finally looks at Luke as he insists, "I do." He covers her hand with his hand and begins to smile, while she still looks confused. She cries as she reveals that the worst part is that if she hadn't caught him sleeping with Holly, she'd still love him, too. And I'm not getting this so much because much as Luke is a creep for sleeping with her best friend, the only reason she slept with him in the first place was to spite another boy. So it's not like Marissa's a complete innocent in all of it. Marissa tires of the conversation and leaves; outside in the hallway, she notices a door swinging shut and looks in both directions, confused. Since she was supposed to meet Ryan in the quad, I'm not sure why they're trying to make it look like he's missing here. More bizarreness in this episode.

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