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Journey To Nowhere

Dr. Neil shows up at the party to talk to Summer. She says she was shocked at his choice of girlfriend and cruise companion. Dr. Neil says that he was shocked too; he bought those tickets months ago to try to save his relationship with the StepMonster and forgot to cancel them. He was going to propose to her all over again and even bought a ring for it. Uh oh -- where's that ring now? If he forgot to cancel those tickets, I'll bet he forgot to take the ring back as well. But, Dr. Neil reasons, maybe it's fate, and he's meant to do this with Julie. Yeah, I'm sure fate deals in first-class cruises to Cabo. Dr. Neil takes off for the cruise, but not before Summer warns him not to wear the bathing suit he bought in Rome last year if he wants to impress Julie. I don't even want to know what that looks like, or why Dr. Neil and Summer exchanged knowing smirks at its mention. Ew.

Sandy arrives at the party and pulls Ryan aside to tell him what he was doing in Albuquerque. He says that Dawn "wanted" to make it to Ryan's party but "couldn't." Ryan looks troubled and seems to know how, exactly, his mother "couldn't" make it, but asks if she's all right anyway. Sandy says that she's "having a hard time," but that he'll be sure to check up on her, adding, "As of today, we may no longer be your legal guardians, but you will always be a part of this family." And that aspect really should have been focused on in this episode a lot more than, say, Marissa falling down some stairs. It would have been nice. Sandy hands Ryan the letter with a grin on his face that suggests that Dawn wrote something really awesome and nice, when Sandy doesn't actually know what's in the letter. I hope his instincts are correct, for Ryan's sake.

Ryan takes his letter outside, and opens it to find a handwritten letter on hotel stationery, of which I can only make out "I'm sorry" and "happy birthday" and a picture of Dawn and Ryan at the zoo on his ninth birthday. Awww! But the heart-wrenching moment is promptly ruined by the arrival of Marissa, with her banged-up face and wrapped-up arm. Great job not even putting a band-aid on her nasty forehead wound there, doctor. She sees Ryan across the way, absorbed in his letter. She stares at him and has a flashback to him saying that they're from two different worlds. She walks away before she can pass out into the water and almost drown. As she leaves, Sadie shows up. She tells Ryan that she cancelled seeing her ex, telling him that things between them are over and that she's made her choice. Ryan says he's glad she came. I wish he could have at least one episode of singleness before being thrown into another girl's arms.

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