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Journey To Nowhere

Back at home, Kirsten is trying to infuse excitement and the impetus for change into her life with a new hairstyle. Instead of her usual part down the middle, she's got it parted just slightly to the side with some faux-bang action going on. I approve. She asks Sandy if they might want to invite Ryan's real family to his birthday party. Sandy points out that Ryan's dad is still in jail and that his brother really should be, which just leaves Dawn. And Sandy doesn't think this is a good idea, considering how things went down the last time Dawn was in town. He doesn't want to "embarrass" Ryan. How about "traumatize"? Plus, they have no idea where Dawn is. But Kirsten has faith that Sandy will be able to track her down. Sandy says that he'll try, but doesn't want to say anything to Ryan about it so that they don't "get his hopes up." I don't think his hopes would go "up," Sandy.

"We have a problem!" Summer barks to Seth. Ryan and Marissa simply must either get back together or move on. Right now, Summer says, they're "frozen in that post-breakup 'holy crap, what did I do?' moment." Yeah, well, considering that it's been well over a couple of hours since they broke up, I can understand why Summer thinks that more than enough time has passed here. "You need to do something!" she orders Seth. He says he's too busy planning Ryan's birthday party to help her. Summer can't believe Ryan would be so rude as to have a birthday in the middle of all this. "He didn't exactly plan it!" Seth says. No, and I'll bet Dawn didn't plan it, either. Summer is also too busy with her own personal projects (breaking up Julie and Dr. Neil) to take on anything else. Hey! Maybe they'll actually mind their own business for once!

Julie and Dr. Neil run downstairs following their lunchtime quickie, throwing their clothes on and giving me disturbing mental images about what just transpired that forced them to remove those clothes. They decide that it's time to tell their daughters about them, but get stuck on what to say if they ask how serious this relationship is. Before they can decide anything, Dr. Neil gets called back to work. This does not remind Julie that she, too, has a job.

Ryan stops by the Harper house, where Sadie has put a hole in the freaking wall. I mean, honestly, what the fuck does she think she's doing there? She's certainly not fixing anything or making anything look better. Mrs. Harper now has plumbing problems and gaping holes in her wall where there used to be none! Sadie's excuse is that she's trying to make a bar area for the kitchen, since Mrs. Harper has decided to stay in Oregon and is putting the house up for sale. The house that she couldn't afford to live in last week she is now able to sell. Not to mention that she apparently has enough money saved to be able to relocate on a whim and wait until she can find gainful employment. Well, I'm sure the market value of the Harper place will skyrocket now that that bar area/disgusting hole in the wall is there!

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