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Journey To Nowhere

Ryan makes his way into the kitchen, where we see the full extent of Sadie's devastation. There's, like, no drywall left to speak of, and the oven is floating around in the middle of the room, useless. Sadie asks Ryan how his breakup is going, and Ryan says it's been crappy, of course. He hasn't decided what he wants yet, and doesn't want to speak to Marissa again until he has. Meanwhile, Sadie is looking very pretty today.

Stock sunset on the water. Marissa returns home to the trailer and grabs a bottled water out of the fridge -- because Julie is so poor that she can afford bottled water now -- and sees that March 19 has been marked off on the calendar as Ryan's birthday. What teenager keeps a freaking wall calendar? Marissa really is forty years old. There's a banging sound outside, and Marissa looks out the window to see Volchok looking back in at her. Creepy! He takes off, having time to put his helmet on and drive his motorcycle away by the time Slow Marissa gets to the door. "Hey," she calls out at him with typical absolutely terrible line delivery.

In a nice little show of continuity, Ryan is looking at a book (it's a picture book, but at least he's trying) about architecture when Seth walks in with some birthday invitations he's printed up. He doesn't know whether he should send one out to Marissa or not. Ryan doesn't know either. "You've got 'til Sunday," Seth says, throwing the invitation on Ryan's lap.

After the commercial, Seth is in Summer's room. Neither of them has made any progress on either the "birthday party" or the "break up Dr. Neil and Julie" fronts. Summer magnanimously decides that, as long as Dr. Neil and Julie remain casual, she's okay with their relationship. The doorbell rings, and Summer orders Seth to get it, even though this isn't even his house. He returns with an envelope for Dr. Neil brought over by a delivery guy. Summer immediately rips it open and finds tickets for a "Lover's Cruise to Cabo." She's immediately alarmed, since her dad always proposes to his future wives on cruises. Man, Dr. Neil is a cheeseball. And a douche. He's a douchey cheeseball. He also has a history of proposing to women after knowing them for only a few days, which he did with both of his previous wives. And those worked out so well that I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to try it again with #3. Summer says it's time to spring into action, and that she'll need Marissa's "help," so Marissa will just have to "put her Ryan stuff on hold." What Ryan stuff? Marissa seems to think she's fine.

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