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Journey To Nowhere

Ryan does some work with power tools on the Harper house, crediting his blue-collar upbringing for his skill with tools. Because all blue-collar people are born with the innate knowledge of how to use a saw. He hands Sadie a party invitation during a break in the action. But she turns it down, saying that a friend is in Los Angeles tomorrow and she already had plans to see him. I guess that's what happens when you give out invitations the day before the event. Sadie notices another invitation on the floor where Ryan stupidly dropped it -- Marissa's. He admits that he doesn't know what to do with it, since if he invites her, it'll look like he wants to get back together with her, but if he doesn't, it'll look like he's done with her completely. Don't invite her, I say. Sadie bores us with her own personal story about her last boyfriend. Their relationship lingered for years, and only ended when Sadie left Oregon because her cousin died.

Summer comes to the trailer, where Marissa is working on something on her laptop, which has magically recovered from its abuse the last time we saw it. That something is a mix CD for Ryan, since the original one she made for him burned down in the model home three years ago. It's a little late to be thoughtful, Marissa. Marissa's dilemma is the same as Ryan's: if she gives him a birthday present, it'll look like she wants him back. If she doesn't, it'll look like she's over him. "Maybe that's what you both need right now -- a clear sign one way or the other," says Summer. Yeah, you think? It's only been said about sixty times since this episode began. And since when was "it's over" NOT a clear sign? Marissa asks Summer what she's there for, and Summer totally chickens out and invites Marissa to Ryan's birthday party, which is being held at the Bait Shop, now available for special functions ranging from wakes to birthday parties. Marissa says she won't go unless Ryan invites her there himself. "This sucks," Summer says. "Yeah, tell me about it," Marissa answers. Okay, I will! This sucks. It sucks so bad. Was this show ever good? Is it that hard to make a show with at least one character I care about? Or at the very least, can it make sense in any logical way? Please?

Kirsten, her faux-bangs gone, walks into the bedroom to find Sandy hurriedly packing a bag. She jokingly asks if he's leaving her, although when you consider the fact that those two may well have gotten divorced off-camera, so little screen time have they had this season, it's not so funny. Sandy says he's going to Albuquerque, where he managed to track down Dawn. "I think she might be in some trouble," he says. If you're in Albuquerque, you usually are.

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