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Journey To Nowhere

Julie leaves a message on Dr. Neil's voicemail. Apparently, they were supposed to meet at his house, but he hasn't shown up. Summer, however, has. She plays dumb, wondering what Julie is doing in the otherwise empty Roberts home. Julie struggles to think of a lie, but Summer lets her out of it by saying that she knows about her father and Julie and their upcoming cruise. Whoops! Julie didn't know about the cruise. But now that she does, she's happy. Especially since she's going to have first-class accommodations. Summer crosses her arms and says that, given her father's penchant for proposing over the water, she has a feeling this will end in a ring, and she doesn't think her dad should be rushing into another marriage so soon. Julie agrees, and then asks if Marissa knows about all of this. When Summer says no, Julie says that she'll tell her. Just as soon as she buys herself a new bikini. And has her ring finger steam-cleaned. And books the Yacht Club for her upcoming nuptials. "...Awkward," Summer sing-songs, managing to choose one of the few moments on this show when nothing awkward is happening to say an otherwise funny line. I mean, it's not like Julie said she was going to buy a bikini wax.

Sandy finds Dawn in an Albuquerque jail. That makes the Atwoods 3-for-4 on long-term jail stays, I believe. Way to break the streak, Ryan. That boy has no respect for family traditions. Albuquerque, I'd like to add, is amazingly free of minorities, making it a lot different than the Albuquerque I visited a few years ago. I mean, would it really kill this show to cast a minority? Especially in Albuquerque, of all places, which has almost as many Latinos as whites, some of which you'd think would have jobs as police officers or at the very least, be in jail with Dawn. But no. Sandy greets Dawn, and she sighs and asks him what he wants. He tells her about Ryan's party and how he'd like her to attend, although her present circumstances may make this impossible. Dawn has an emotional reaction that is probably one part relief that Sandy isn't visiting her to tell her that her son is dead and the other part incredible sadness and shame that she is such a failure at life. She asks if Ryan knows where she is. Sandy says he doesn't, nor does Sandy intend to tell him. He asks Dawn how she got herself arrested. Dawn says that it followed her usual pattern: she hooked up with a guy, they drank a lot, and then he left her when her money ran out, leaving her to write bad checks and get thrown in jail. "Oh, Dawn, you coulda called us," Sandy says cluelessly. Dawn just stares at him. She may not be too proud to lose all her money and write bad checks, but she is too proud to beg. Sandy says he's going to see if there's anything he can do for her, and Dawn finally asks him how Ryan is doing. "He's good," Sandy says, as if he's even seen or talked to Ryan this season. "You can be very proud." Yeah, because she did such a good job raising him and all.

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