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Journey To Nowhere

The Albuquerque jail also sends Dawn away, now that Sandy has gotten her freed with his amazin' Sandy do-gooder powers. The only catch is that Dawn must enroll in rehab and pay everyone back, which he took care of himself. All he wants in return is for her to attend Ryan's party tonight. "I don't know," Dawn says. "Sure you do. You're his motha. And he's gonna wanna see ya" Sandy replies, thinking it's just that easy. When he helps people, he gets his Bronx accent back.

Ryan will be spending his birthday doing more fix-it work on the Harper house, which only looks worse the more "repairs" are done to it. Sadie presents him with a birthday gift: a hammer. "I engraved the handle myself," she says. Judging by her excellent work with that kitchen bar, I'm guessing the handle is completely gone, its splinters of wood scattered throughout the house. But no, Sadie managed to do this one right, and has inscribed an entire novel on the handle: "For Ryan, happy 18th. I'm so grateful for your friendship. Think of me every time you pound something. Sadie." That's rife with sexual innuendo, if you ignore the "friendship" part. Ryan smiles and thanks her. But Sadie's still going to L.A., even if Ryan isn't inviting Marissa to the party. "It wasn't what I wanted," he says about inviting Marissa. Sadie says that the friend she's meeting in L.A. is the guy she was seeing back in Oregon. He wants to talk things over with her, although not enough, apparently, to make the journey all the way to Newport. It looks like Sadie will have to make a decision, too. Meaningful glances are exchanged, and then Sadie gives Ryan a birthday kiss on the cheek.

Over in Surfing Land, Marissa meets up with one of Volchok's friends to find out where her stalker is. He hasn't stalked her all night and she's concerned that his dangerous attraction to her might be over before it even began. The friend says that Volchok's been "acting weird" since Johnny died. True: he got really lame. He tells Marissa to check out Volchok's job.

Dr. Neil meets up with Julie in a public restaurant. That's okay, Julie says, since Summer and Marissa both know about them now and seemed fine with the news. And Julie can't wait to go to Cabo with Dr. Neil. Dr. Neil is obviously totally clueless about this cruise, but tries to fake like he planned it all along. Julie excuses herself from the table to check her makeup, being sure to plant a big kiss on Dr. Neil's lips as she leaves. This attracts the attention of everyone in the restaurant, as they all apparently have sensors in their brains that tell them when someone in their immediate vicinity is making out so that they can turn around and stare at them.

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