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Journey To Nowhere

But it's Marissa who gets the have all the drama back with Volchok, as she starts getting all woozy from the memories and lack of food over the past three years and promptly passes out and goes flying down the stairs. The only way that I will condone this is if she's dead. Immediately dead, too -- none of that lingering-in-a-coma stuff. Dead now, with only the last five minutes of this episode devoted to mourning her. Meanwhile, Ryan manages to turn off the CD player without fainting or anything. He slams the picture of him and Marissa down on the desk, but leaves the invitation where it is. I just want to know how it took this long for that mansion to be rebuilt, and with the exact same blueprints it was built with before, even though I thought they belonged to the now-defunct OldNewport Group. Maybe Sadie's in charge of construction.

Ryan's party decorations are giant posters of him in various occupational clothing, thanks to Seth's mad photoshopping skillz. "What exactly was the thinking here?" Ryan asks, since it obviously wasn't "what would Ryan want to see on his birthday." Seth says that he wanted to show Ryan all the avenues that were open to him now that he's an adult. Seth likes the admittedly gay pictures of Cowboy Ryan and Fireman Ryan the best. Ryan asks who all the strange people at his party are, and Seth explains that he had to invite a bunch of strangers to fill the room since Ryan only invited one person who didn't even show up. That probably should have been a clue that Ryan didn't want to have a big party with a lot of people, but far be it from Seth to do something that's contrary to his own wishes. Summer comes in and says that two homeless guys just got in a fight and knocked over Scientist Ryan. "I met 'em outside Ralph's," says Seth. "They seemed pretty cool." Just keep making the birthday boy feel like crap there, Seth. I would like to know how, exactly, Ryan wound up almost completely friendless. There's no one else he talks to in school for Seth to invite? Or maybe Seth is just insanely jealous of anyone Ryan befriends and purposely didn't invite them.

Volchok walks Marissa home. He goes into the trailer to refill her icepack from a freezer that suddenly exists in the middle of the trailer's living room, while Marissa sits on the porch and tells him to stop fussing over her, since the doctor said she was fine (dammit), although she's not exactly insistent about it, since she loves man attention. Volchok asks what happened to her back at the house, and she explains that she was there when it originally burned down, and that the memories overwhelmed her in a most unrealistic fashion and made her faint. "Not interested," says Volchok. Awesome. Marissa asks him what he's been trying to say to her all this time, and he says that "things were supposed to work out for" Johnny, but he died, so they didn't. "It doesn't make sense," Volchok says. Neither does his interest in Marissa. He writes his phone number on Marissa's uninjured wrist "just in case something happens, or..." and runs off. Marissa enters the trailer and finds the party invitation.

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