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Kirsten looks at an old picture of her and her dad. Sandy comes in and asks Kirsten when she started stashing oregano in the Newport Group offices. I don't think that's oregano, Sandy. And I don't think Kirsten was planting an herb garden before, exactly. It does explain why she's been so mellow since she got back from rehab, though. Kirsten came over to take a trip down memory lane. She looks at a picture of the first property she convinced her father to buy and restore. It was her first project. Kirsten whines some more about she could never live up to her father's expectations. Sandy asks her if she wants to keep the company after all. Kirsten says she just needed to say goodbye. Sandy proposes that they have a dinner picnic, and holds up a pic-a-nic basket full of Perfect Man goodies.

Ryan's alone at the diner again. His phone rings. It's Seth, checking in on Ryan because he's cool this episode. He hints around that tonight might be the night Marissa starts to pull away from Ryan, and that maybe Ryan should do something to keep her. Ryan says he has to go, and hangs up. He grabs his hot leather jacket and asks for the check.

Ryan runs to the public-school gym as those rough guitar chords come back. We finally get some vocals to accompany them, and the lyrics are about stars and circles and stuff, so...not so tough after all. Ryan spots Marissa laughing with her new friends, possibly because she had some of that punch, which is certainly the only thing that could make me laugh at anything Dennis did or said. Ryan looks all sad and stuff, which is when Ben McKenzie's acting is at its best, and then Seth runs up. He says he thought Ryan might run to the gym and do something stupid, so he came to stop him. Ryan says he's not going to do anything. He'd just "ruin" it. Not if he just walked in and danced with Marissa and didn't punch anyone in the face, he wouldn't. Seth assures Ryan that he won't lose Marissa, and asks for a ride back to his school dance, where the guitars play gently.

Back at Harbor, Summer is on the phone with Seth's voicemail. She leaves a whiny message asking where he is, and then notices Taylor Townsend looking around in a totally suspect manner before she disappears down the hall. Summer is intrigued. That, or she's hoping to catch Taylor Townsend alone in a dark corner to beat the crap out of her, Ryan-style.

But Taylor Townsend isn't alone -- she's making out with someone. We can't see his face, but since the Music of Evil is playing, we can certainly guess who it is before we do see him for sure. Dean Evil and Taylor part ways. "Oh my god!" Summer whispers to the floor. Awesome.

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