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The Seedy Motel has yet another customer. Business certainly does boom for them when people's lives go into the shitter. Julie and her many, many suitcases don't know what to do with all this cheap carpeting and suspiciously-stained bedding. So she turns on the TV for company, not as a sleep aid, which is why she isn't watching The O.C. Julie starts to unpack, but then she needs take a break from that to cry. Aw. And ew -- she put her bare face on the motel blanket.

Seth finds Summer at Harbor. He apologizes for leaving, and Summer says she has something "really important" to tell him. Then Taylor Townsend, who's dancing with someone her own age for once, asks if Summer is enjoying herself. Summer says she sure is, and grabs Seth to dance with him.

Ryan comes home to the poolhouse, where he finds Marissa waiting for him. He really needs to start locking that place. Although I don't know if that would keep Marissa out when she uses her teleporter, as she did this time. Marissa says it was really important for her to go to that stupid dance, like anyone ever even cares about that stuff, but that she wishes he could have been there. "My life just doesn't work without you," she codependences. Ryan points out that things don't really work out for her when she's with him, either. Marissa goes over to the radio and says that whatever song she turns it onto will be their song. Of course, she turns on some phat urban beats, indicating that when no one's looking, Ryan listens to Hot Jamz 99.5 on the radio. "It's definitely us," Ryan laughs. Marissa changes the station, and "Forever Young" by Youth Group comes on. Pretty incredible that that would be on the radio when the only place it's available is on the latest O.C. mix tape, but there you go. I guess I can't complain, as I'm so glad this isn't the Rod Stewart version and really, "Forever Young" is the perfect song for a teenage couple who either are way older than teenagers or just look it. Ryan offers Marissa his hand, and they dance.

The music continues as we move on to another scene, because music montages are necessary and important. Julie cries, all alone except for the hepatitis she got from that blanket. Seth and Summer dance. Summer observes Taylor and Dean Evil sharing a look. Back at the Seedy Motel, 7 'n 7 smokes post-coitally. Sandy and Kirsten pic-a-nic. Ryan and Marissa dance. Will this be their LAST WALTZ? Find out next month, because this month is all baseball! As they say in public school, peace out, homie dawg! That's what the white kids say, anyway. Everyone else just stands in the background and watches.

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