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But Ryan's already at the school, waiting for Marissa in the parking lot. Before giving him a chance to say that he's already there, Marissa says that some new friends asked her out after school and she was hoping to go with them if Ryan hadn't already left the house to come get her. Ryan lies that he was just getting in his car, as he watches Marissa from his vantage point of the school parking lot. Fortunately for his lie, those big metal public school gates apparently function as one-way mirrors, since Marissa doesn't notice the big black Range Rover about ten feet away from her.

The next morning, Marissa puts her rich-girl accessories away in favor of the rags and burlap sacks favored by the public-school crowd. Now she'll fit in for sure! Julie enters and asks if Marissa would like to stay with Summer for a few days. She tries to lie that there was a simple misunderstanding, causing Caleb's mansion to be sold before it was supposed to, but Marissa sees right through that and asks if they're getting kicked out. The tough hard-knocks lifestyle she's been exposed to at public school has really opened her eyes, I guess. Marissa tells Julie that she doesn't need to protect her, and Julie says that Marissa might want to try to stay with Summer until they get back on their feet -- and they will get back on their feet: "We'll be wearing very expensive shoes when we do." Maybe so, but you'd better take them off and replace them with shoeboxes tied with string before you go to public school! Marissa says that she "trusts" Julie. Julie's touched by Marissa's faith in her, and Marissa says she's sure Julie saved money over the years. By the expression on Julie's face, you can tell she totally didn't.

Kirsten answers the doorbell. A man gives her a bouquet of flowers.

But never mind that! We've spent too much time with the adults already! Summer pulls her Mercedes up to the front of her ridiculously large house. Is this the first time we've seen Summer's house? It's the first time I have, anyway. Marissa thanks her for letting her stay there "on such short notice." Wait -- is it still the morning before school? And Marissa had time to have a heart-to-heart with her mom, pack, drive to Summer's, and settle in before school? I barely had time to shower before school, but then, my public school started so ass-early in the morning that in the winter time, it was still dark outside when I waited at the bus stop. Good thing the sun rises and sets with Marissa here. Marissa remembers that she's supposed to be having breakfast with Ryan right now, and calls him to apologize. Ryan answers the phone at his table for one at the diner, and Marissa tells him about how she and Julie are homeless and stuff and that's why she missed breakfast. Ryan assures her that it's fine, and that they'll do something after school instead.

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