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Burnin' Down the House

Previously on The O.C., Adam Brody was "Seth," and he was adorable! Ryan rode his bike and needed to have a plan -- a plan which was not to steal another car, crash it, and get thrown out again by his mom. Once semi-ensconced in the home of stalker Sandy, Ryan thought he could get in less trouble there than where he was from, and girl-next-door Marissa said he had no idea. Also, the immortal phrase "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!" was spewed by Marissa's potentially redeemable bohunk of a boyfriend, and Kirsten didn't want "this kid" in her house anymore.

Also previously on The O.C., I got a million emails from Mischa Barton defenders regarding my comments about her aged appearance. I realize that Mischa Barton -- the actress who plays Marissa -- is indeed seventeen years old. But she looks considerably older than that to me. I also think -- and I know I don't stand alone here -- that Jennifer Garner looks like a duck (albeit a lovely, incredibly physically fit, butt-kicking duck). That doesn't mean she is a duck, or that I think she is a duck; it just means I think she looks like a duck. I know that Mischa Barton is not, in truth, a forty-year-old. But that doesn't mean I can't think Mischa Barton looks like a forty-year-old. I never watched Once and Again (gasp!) so I can't speak for how she looked two years ago (or for the other Mischa Barton matter -- how superior an actress she might have been then). And I'm entirely sure it could be the result of reprehensibly poor lighting or bad makeup, but mine is not to make excuses. To me, girl looks old. Your emails can't change my mind.

And much as I enjoy the opportunity to watch and recap The O.C., ensuring taping of the entire show forces me to endure the final three minutes of American Juniors. The things I do.

All that aside, the second episode opens with beach shots and another song about California. And what is it about California, anyway? I live in Maryland, about which I can't think exists a single song, although Baltimore, come to think of it, does get mentioned in several ditties. New Jersey is my home state, and thanks to Mr. Bruce Springsteen, we have plenty of songs about it. But I suppose California's combination of coastal beauty and industry-related residents results in a plethora of tunes about it. Since they happen to be -- for the most part -- good tunes, more power to California. (Obviously -- and gubernatorial candidates, this is pointed at you -- California needs it.)

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