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Burnin' Down the House

Marissa, meanwhile, is going on to Luke about the amazing Sukie, who she claims waxes in such a way that it's painless. Maybe Luke should try Sukie on his back instead of the razors. Because either he's incredibly flexible, or someone else does it for him. Probably there's a maid under contract whose entire purpose is to shave Luke's back. Luke is having trouble handling both Marissa's description of the whole waxing process and his eggs at the same time. Marissa insists that it's very hard to get an appointment with Sukie, then suggests that Luke come along with her and get a manicure because "they're not just for girls." Luke wants out of this conversation, and encourages Marissa to go without him. He promises that they'll meet up later because "Holly's having a..." He looks around all sneaky-like, and we're supposed to believe these kids actually attempt to hide from their parents the fact that they party? Seeing that the coast is clear, he finishes up: "Holly's having a thing." Because a "thing" is so much more discreet. "Thing," in this case, obviously means "mole removed."

Outside, we see Luke and his giant car roaring off, after which Seth pops out of the bushes. Seth questions an approaching Marissa about what she told Luke, and she insists that she told him nothing but "if anyone asks, you're Sukie."

At the Model Home, Ryan also wants to know whether Seth told anyone, and Seth explains that he did not, although he fesses up about the Mexican cockfight comment. Seth says that even if they don't believe his story, they still won't look for Ryan at the Model Home. He then turns to Marissa, who is unpacking her stuff, and asks, "Did you seriously bring a loofah?" Ryan doesn't know what a loofah is, and Marissa defends herself, explaining that Seth told her to bring whatever was around the house. Seth explains that he meant survival supplies "like, uh, rope...or muskets." He then notices her Kiehl's cucumber moisturizer, and some girls would tell you that is a survival supply. We then see that Marissa also brought toilet paper, causing the boys to exchange a look, because she actually brought a non-stupid thing.

Seth hits a golf ball out the door -- because a putting green, club, and ball fit more realistically into the "survival supplies" category -- and chases it down, conveniently providing Marissa with the opportunity to slither over to Ryan, who is setting up his tent, and hand over a CD called "The Model House Mix." Aw. Mix tapes! Suddenly Southern in accent, she assures him that it's a broad range of music, concluding, "Let your education begin." Their moment concluded, Seth returns, still raving that it's a "totally safe" hiding spot for Ryan. He questions what else they could need, and Ryan asks if either of them brought food. Seth says, "Fooooooooood," and then concludes, "Guess we're goin' on a mission."

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