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Burnin' Down the House

Seth, Ryan, and Marissa have settled into a diner on the pier, where Seth announces that he's been thinking about a plan and "right now, this would very well be the first stop in a pancake tour of North America." For emphasis, he waves around a piece of pancake on his fork, and then shoves it in his mouth. Marissa's all, "Hey, like in On the Road?" and enthuses that it's her favorite book. Seth grudgingly responds that it's his favorite too. I'm sensing a little Dawson/Joey/Pacey thing here right now, and I'm not liking it too much. In any case, Ryan reveals that last summer he did construction work for his mother's boyfriend. The now-ex has since moved to Austin, and Marissa's all, "In Texas?" Substitute the word "Mars" for "Texas" and you have her delivery. The ex told Ryan to look him up if he was ever out there, and Seth whines that it's too far: "We were thinking like Long Beach or something so we could all still hang out." Ryan ignores this appeal, and claims he'll need a couple of days of work first for travel money. Marissa flippantly says, "We can get you money," which is so the wrong thing to say to a poor, proud seventeen-year-old boy. He looks away, and Seth tries to ease the situation by rambling on about how lucky (in a way) Ryan is because he can move to a new place and start over -- be whoever he wants to be. But Ryan was doing that exact thing in Newport, and it didn't end particularly well, did it?

Because Marissa is brilliant, they have ended up in a restaurant frequented by Luke and his cronies, who walk in like they own the place (if one of them would deign to own a service establishment), obnoxiously yelling, "Hey, what's it take to get a menu?" Marissa insists that she'll handle them, but Ryan wants to do it himself. Marissa asks, "And ruin your popularity?" before ordering Seth and Ryan to sneak out the back door. She takes about twenty minutes to gather her stuff, and heads over to greet Luke and his friends sweetly. Meanwhile, Ryan and Seth nearly make it out, but a waitress catches them at the last minute: "Hey! Front door!" She then stands by with her hands on her hips, ensuring that they'll follow her command. Ryan, in an attempt to look even less discrete, covers his face with his hood, and thugs right out the door. Seth, meanwhile, is not so lucky, and slams a busboy in the nuts with his skateboard, causing all manner of crash-y calamity to break out in the diner. As Luke and he make eye contact, Seth quick-talks, "Hey, guys. How you guys doin'? You like the food here too? It's pretty awesome." Hee. Luke tells him to "Shut up, queer," and Seth seems for a moment like he'll rise above the insult before muttering under his breath, "At least I don't shave my chest." He doesn't mutter quietly enough, though, and Luke angrily rises from his seat while one particularly gape-jawed friend looks on in amazement. Seth attempts to explain: "I just said, 'You look nice in a sweater vest,'" insisting that it was a compliment, but Luke's not having it and claims, "I'm going break you, Cohen." But here comes Ryan, all hooded and up in Luke's face. Luke feigns surprise that Ryan's back, strips off his hood and tells him, "You're a little far from 8 Mile." Well, someone needed to say it. Marissa "Luke, don't"s him, causing Luke to ask whether she's "spokesperson for the geeks of America or something." Ryan laughs and casually asks, "You know what I like about rich kids?" Before Luke can answer, Ryan throws a punch and finishes up, "Nothing!" As Luke peels himself off the table, Ryan and Seth make a break for the door, Seth screaming, "That was awesome!" Ryan fumbles with unlocking his bicycle, and Seth blocks the doorknob from the outside with his skateboard while Luke hurls insults at him from the inside -- clever insults such as "pansy" and "deadbeat." Finally, Seth and Ryan are off, Seth hopping on the back of Ryan's bicycle as Luke gives chase. Meanwhile, Marissa sits at the table in the dinner, pushing a strand of poorly crimped hair behind her ear and pouting.

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