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Burnin' Down the House

Back at the model home, Seth golfs and relives Ryan's wise-cracking on rich kids. He then questions whether Ryan considers Seth rich, identifying himself more as "upper-middle-class." Seth hits the golf ball toward the door, which rolls right into the arriving Marissa, whom he greets with the adorable "'Sup, foo'?" Marissa complains that Ryan didn't have to hit Luke, and then reveals that the cashier called the police. She plops down, defeated, and claims she doesn't know why Luke acts like that. She says, "He's just..." and Seth cuts her off to conclude, "An ass." Marissa ignores him and goes with the less accurate "protective."

The sound of a car pulling up interrupts their conversation. Seth peeks out the window, spotting his mother and -- as the camera pans over to reveal a second person -- "And...your dad!" As she and Jimmy enter the house, Kirsten explains that it's been a while, and that she's got to figure out what kind of shape the place is in. Jimmy looks around and "wow"s. Kirsten spots a golf ball, but the jig's not up yet, because she assumes it's just another example of the contractors making poor use of their time. The kids, we see, are upstairs and listening attentively, as Jimmy proclaims the model home "fantastic," and Kirsten wonders whether it's "too much." Because the Big House is really understated -- pool house, Rosie, and all. Jimmy points out that Kirsten is "talking to the guy whose wife just imported ceramic shower curtain rings from Morocco," before continuing to admire the high ceilings and moldings. He pauses to say it reminds him of something, and Kirsten completes his thought: "Your parents' house." Jimmy cites more of the home's architectural details, and then recalls that his parents' house was on Elm Road. Because he'd forgotten the address? Kirsten says she loved that old house, and Jimmy says he did too. He says he had his first kiss in that house, and she did too. See what they just did there?

Kirsten finally gets to the point -- these adults need to realize that the show's not about them and get on with it already -- and asks what's been going on. Jimmy confides that it's been a bad year for him because of the market, and then further admits that it's actually been "disastrous." He claims it will be a struggle for him just to remain solvent, and Kirsten quickly moves to prevent further groveling on Jimmy's part by asking, "How much do you need?" Jimmy laughs in discomfort and says it's a lot of money -- too much money. Not to much money, however, to have put himself in the position of asking her for it. He finally admits that he needs $100,000, and Kirsten doesn't react, but instead simply says, "I'll call the bank." Upstairs, Marissa looks dismayed. Really, you'd think with all these kids have, $100,000 would seem like nothing to them. They're houses are worth at least twenty times that. Jimmy insists that he can't take the money from her, but Kirsten insists that he can. Jimmy pledges to pay her back, admitting that it will take him a couple of months. She jokes, "I know where you live." For the first time since we've met Jimmy, he seems happy and almost relaxed, as he goes back to admiring the model home. Kirsten expositions that the new contractors are coming tomorrow to finish the job. Jimmy thinks it sound like a nightmare, and Kirsten agrees that it is. They exit.

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