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Burnin' Down the House

Upstairs, Ryan stares his sideways stare at Marissa, as Seth asks if she's okay. Marissa only repeats that the contractors are coming tomorrow. Ryan guesses that means he's gone.

Seth, back at the Big House, sits at his computer looking at a travel site and debating whether to purchase a bus ticket to Austin for the morning. While he deliberates, he drums his fingers on the table and then on his lap. Aw. He's so cute. Sandy barges in, causing Seth to scramble to shut off his monitor and ask, "Hey! We're not knocking anymore?" Sandy barely apologizes because of course he's not knocking anymore! He's too busy trying to catch his son in the most invasive ways possible! Sandy snoops after what he's doing, and Seth explains that he's busy. Sandy whines that he's always busy, and Seth mutters, "It's the price of fame." He claims to have to go, but Sandy stops him in his tracks by announcing that Ryan was found. He then clarifies this statement by explaining that someone meeting Ryan's description was spotted in a fight down by the pier, so he's probably still in the area. Sandy is in a rush to find Ryan before the authorities do and Ryan finds himself in even deeper trouble. When Seth explains that he was just going somewhere, Sandy implores, "Seth, he's your friend." And so a resigned Seth has no choice but to join his father in searching for his missing friend when Seth knows exactly where he is.

At yet another party in the same house, Summer is no longer wearing her tiara, but instead has on a bikini top and Daisy Dukes. We get another gratuitous coke-snort, which may or may not be the same gratuitous coke-snort we saw last week. Marissa arrives and the girls "hey" each other before Summer points out that Marissa has been "all weird acting lately." Marissa attempts to get philosophical, asking whether Summer ever wonders what her life looks like through someone else's eyes. Summer only ever wonders what her ass looks like through someone else's eyes, and snits that these kinds of comments are exactly what she's talking about, further snitting, "What is up with you?" Marissa explains it away as nothing, and then their conversation is interrupted by a blonde, bikini-wearing girl entering the room and singsonging about "fresh margs." Apparently "marg" is the new word for "margarita." One of Luke's friends -- who happens to look just like Luke -- complains that the drinks are weak, and the blonde girl flirts that he's a lightweight. Summer drunkenly slurs that she hopes the girl's parents never come home. Meanwhile, Luke's friend brings up Ryan, claiming that he's going to find "that punk's trailer park and burn it to the ground." Maybe he won't find his trailer, but he'll find his model home and proceed to do the same. Summer butts into the conversation with a well-delivered "Who dat?" and the friend explains, "That freak from Chino -- he was all up in Luke's grill." Summer proposes that he might be on "Oxycotton," which she proclaims "gnarly." I don't know about "Oxycotton," but Oxycontin is what Jack Osbourne got hooked on, and which may or may not have led to the killing -- or pretend killing -- of Sharon's dog Minnie, though thankfully not to the killing of infinitely more entertaining Lola. The blonde girl heard that Ryan went "psycho," and Luke enters the conversation in time to call Ryan a "little bitch," and promise to "beat [Ryan's] ass" if Luke ever sees him again. Marissa gets in a snit and exaggeratedly gathers her things. That girl has a lot of things, and she's always gathering them. Luke and Summer exchange confused looks, and Summer gestures that Luke should go after Marissa. He catches her at the door, and Marissa whines that she "can't be here right now." Luke dismissively asks what's the matter, and she yelps, "You don't know him! You don't know anything about him!" The partygoers look perplexed at Marissa's breakdown. It's all very Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink.

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