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Burnin' Down the House

We're now in Sandy's pimpmobile, as he tells Seth that Ryan could be anywhere. Seth is sure that Ryan is fine, and suggests that they try again in daylight, but Sandy thinks it could be too late by then. Seth then snits that Ryan might be better off on his own, anyway. When Sandy asks what he means, Seth responds that even if they find Ryan, what then? If he's lucky, he'll go back with his mom, and Seth would run away too in that same situation. Sandy earnestly urges Seth to promise that he'll never run away, no matter how bad a situation gets, because he and Kirsten will always be there for him. Seth implores, "Dad, please. Take it down a notch," but Sandy's too far gone now telling him, "The minute you were born, I knew. I would never take another easy breath again without knowing you were safe." By his expression, it's clear that this gets to Seth, but he attempts to lighten the mood by saying something that sounds a lot like, "So, I'm asthma." He may have said something entirely different. I just can't understand the boy. Doesn't mean I can't love him. Sandy stalks, "I'm warnin' ya. You run away, I'm comin' with you." Seth agrees that they can keep looking.

In the model house, Ryan lights about a billion candles around the room. Obviously, a trip to Pottery Barn for votives was the first order of business in his preparations for his stay at the model home, but not a trip to Radio Shack for a flashlight. Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" starts up, and while it's no Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," it's still a real mood-setter. Marissa enters under the white paper, and surveys the candlelit room, grinning. She says that the song reminds her of Ryan. Was the song on his Model House Mix Tape, then? And does she think it qualifies as punk? Ryan thought she would be with Luke tonight, and she explains that she intended to be. She doesn't know why she's here, but she wanted to see Ryan because he's leaving tomorrow and "what if [she] never....[they] never..." She asks if she can spend the night, just so they can hang out. The camera circles Ryan as he mulls over her proposition, then concludes that she can't stay because if she does, he won't be able to leave. She rushes forward, insisting, "Then don't!" Ryan points out that in the fall she'll go back to school, and what will he do then -- hang around the house, "hiding like some ghost" until the police find him and force him to disappear again? Then the conversation clichés out, all, "we're from different worlds," and "I'm not like you," and I stop listening. Suddenly, Marissa is running out of the house, slamming the door, and crying while unlocking her car. Through her tears, she backs the car up and leaves, right past a big shiny black car "hiding" behind a tractor. The camera pans closer in to reveal Luke's pissed-off face, and those of his friends. Ryan runs out of the house after Marissa. More pissed-off faces watch from the car.

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