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Burnin' Down the House

A montage follows as a conflicted-looking Kirsten calls her broker and arranges for the wire transfer; Sandy and Seth drive silently, sneaking glances at each other; and Marissa wipes her tears -- and hopefully some of her bad makeup -- away while driving.

At the model home, Ryan packs. Hearing the front door open, he yells down to Seth, asking if he got the bus ticket. To Ryan's blank-faced surprise, Luke and his posse enter instead all, "Bus ticket? You're not goin' anywhere!" And why wouldn't they just let him leave? There's their problem, after all, effectively solving itself. Luke asks what Ryan is doing and, more specifically, what he's doing with Luke's girlfriend. Ryan insists he's doing "nothing," and Luke snits, "Didn't look like nothing." He orders Ryan to fess up, or he'll kill him. Ryan tells Luke to kill him, then, and quit talking about it. So the fists fly again, and Ryan really is quite the punching bag. As they fight and Luke's gang joins in, a candle is knocked over and the construction papers catch fire. Ryan manages to get in one nasty head butt, but is for the most part overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Next, some paint cans go over, causing the fire to burn higher. And wow! Luke's friends are all over Ryan in a giant pile-on. Realizing at last that there's a fire going on around them, Luke's friends head, coughing, toward the stairs. Luke follows them, and deliberates for several seconds at the top of the stairs, and just when it looks like he's going to follow his friends downstairs and out to safety, leaving Ryan behind, he turns back inside. We see him dragging Ryan forward, and then carrying him out of the house. His friends yell for him to follow, and as Luke runs toward them, he turns back to Ryan, urging him to "run!" Ryan obviously mishears this as "roll around and then pass out!" which he does.

At Lady Heather's Lair, Jimmy chuckles while watching television. Tate Donovan, by the way, acts the shit out of the relief Jimmy is feeling right now. Lady Heather enters, clothed in a red satin robe. She thought basketball season was over, and Jimmy explains that he's watching ESPN Classic. Lady Heather seems tolerant in this scene, and even loving toward Jimmy. She joins him on the couch as he explains that he's watching Game Seven of the 1986 Lakers/Pistons NBA finals. Jimmy insists that Lady Heather should remember watching this on the first go-round, since she was pregnant with Marissa at the time. All Lady Heather can recall, however, is that she was "so swollen." Jimmy cites a bunch of players -- I won't even try to go there -- and Lady Heather humors him, smiling and nodding her head. She stares at the television, as Jimmy, who obviously didn't get the point earlier in his den, tries to explain, "You know that thing, that I was tryin' to talk to you about?" She "Jimmy"s him, as he finishes by saying he took care of it. She knew he would. He says, "You did?" and they kiss. Back to the game, and Lady Heather can't believe she's old enough "to have watched people play basketball in those shorts." Aw. Poor, momentarily happy Jimmy. This can't be headed anyplace good.

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