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Burnin' Down the House

Suddenly Marissa busts into Lady Heather's Lair, flailing and crying and running up the stairs. Lady Heather acts concerned, but it's Jimmy who goes after her. Marissa's thrown herself on her bed, where she lies in a pile and cries. Jimmy asks her what's the matters like she's a two-year-old. A two-year-old puppy, no less. She rolls around crying and he orders her to give him a hug. So they hug, and he laughs -- because a girl like Marissa couldn't have any real problems -- and insists that she can tell him anything, because they tell each other everything. She asks, "Do we?" Burn!

Sandy takes a call in the pimpmobile, looking serious. He promises to meet someone somewhere.

Meanwhile, at the party, Summer stumbles down a spiral staircase as Luke rushes in and asks if Marissa came back. She didn't, and Summer points out that Luke smells like smoke. He claims that they "hotboxed" someone's car, and she's all, "And didn't invite me?" One of Luke's friends chooses to worry about Ryan now, lamenting that Ryan was "messed up." Luke points out that he was breathing, and the other guy snits, "I hope so." Considering he's the same guy who was in a rush to leave Ryan behind, I'm not sure why he's giving Luke such a hard time about it.

At the non-model non-home, Sandy and Kirsten stare at the wreckage. Kirsten can't believe it, and speculates that the house is cursed. A policeman approaches, and she asks what happened. He smirks oddly as he explains that it looks like someone's been living there. Kirsten and Sandy look momentarily perplexed before a small, squeaky voice offers, "It's my fault." The camera pans over to reveal a guilty Seth.

In a montage similar to last week's when Ryan tried unsuccessfully to find a friend who would take him in, we see Ryan being repeatedly rejected as he tries to hitch a ride with passing cars. I know I, for one, would pick up a kid who has donned his best thug costume, complete with the bruises. Luke's shiny car slows, and as Luke assesses whether Ryan is indeed okay, Ryan asks, "Disappointed?" Luke asks where Ryan is going, but Ryan doesn't know. Luke then suggests that if they both keep their mouths shut, no one will know it was them who caused the fire. Ryan laughs this off, while Luke looks away in annoyance. Ryan then lets himself into Luke's car, insisting, "You're giving me a ride!"

Sandy and Seth are upstairs in Seth's bedroom at the Big House, and Seth explains that he doesn't know what happened -- he doesn't know how the house burned down. Sandy asks what Ryan was doing there in the first place, and why Seth didn't tell his parents. Seth plaintively explains that Ryan didn't want to leave and go to a foster home, and Seth didn't want him to either. He starts to break down as he claims that his parents "force [him] to live amongst these...these pod people," but the first cool person he met got kicked out of the house. A resigned Sandy says he did the best he could, and Seth responds that he did the same. They sit beside each other -- practically on each others' laps -- and stare. Sandy then takes Seth back downstairs, where the police are waiting with more questions.

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