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Burnin' Down the House

Kirsten, in the meantime, has been keeping the police entertained, serving them coffee out of china cups. Sandy leads Seth out by his arm, and we see that Marissa -- in her little babydoll nightie and robe -- is there too, now, with Jimmy and Lady Heather. A policeman urges Seth to tell him the truth this time, but before Seth can, Luke's car pulls up, and we get overdone reaction shots by both Marissa and her parents. We also see that Marissa has donned fashionable Ugg boots to complete her outfit. Lady Heather is far more winning in her fluffy pink slippers. Thankfully, we are spared Caitlin's presence and choice of footwear.

Luke and Ryan slowly get out of the car, as the camera focuses on Jimmy scratching himself. Foreshadowing! Next week on The O.C., Jimmy struggles with eczema! Marissa makes a series of exaggerated expressions of surprise: the raised eyebrows, the furrowed brow, the "o" mouth, and then polishes it off by shifting her weight back and forth a couple times: "Discomfort." Ryan beelines for the Cohens, apologizing. Behind him, the cop asks, "Ryan Atwood?" and he immediately turns, puts his hands behind his back, and waits for the cuffing. Meanwhile, he's staring at Luke, who is silently witnessing the scene before piping up, "It was an accident." The cop asks whether Luke was there as well, and since he was, he gets cuffed, too. Sandy finally kicks it into lawyer gear, explaining that he's "Mr. Atwood's attorney," and that the cops shouldn't ask any questions until he's present. He then whispers, in case Ryan didn't get that, "Keep your mouth shut." He also throws a half-assed word of caution Luke's way. Then the police cars pull away, leaving behind a tableau of the others standing around in the driveway.

Next week on The O.C., Ryan wears the blue jumpsuit again. Yay! Marissa doesn't care if Ryan's in jail: she "caaaaaaaan't" see him. Kirsten, meanwhile, has "got a nice swerve on her," and as a result, Ryan gets his third ass-kicking in three episodes. Then, Mrs. Atwood shows up. They didn't even wait until sweeps!

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