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Burnin' Down the House

They pull up in front of their destination: Kirsten's model home. Marissa thinks it "looks scary," and Seth is all too happy to encourage her to stay in the car. Instead, she goes along, and as they enter the front door, Seth asks whether Ryan recognizes it. Ryan begins, "This isn't..." and Marissa cuts him off to ask where they are. Well, maybe if she had waited for Ryan to finish his sentence, she'd have her answer. Seth explains that it's one of his mother's housing developments, of which she owns a "bunch" with his "grandpa." This is the model home, which never got finished. Marissa snits, "Why, did someone die here and now it's haunted?" Seth snarks that that's exactly what happened. Ryan asks what really happened, but Seth doesn't know.

Kirsten does know, however, and we cut back to the Big House, where Kristen yells into the phone, asking how contractors just disappear? Clearly, the mysterious epidemic of disappearing people is not exclusive to Chino. She whiningly expositions that without a model home, they can't have a new development. It's been a month and she's not going to wait for "you guys," anymore. We don't know who "you guys" are, though. She hangs up, and Sandy ambles in asking if she had any luck. She responds, "Vanished." Kirsten moans that her father will never let her hear the end of this, and Sandy grins. Somehow I think Kirsten's overbearing father will soon make an entrance. ["If he's not played by Harve Presnell, someone at Fox should get fired." -- Wing Chun] Kirsten asks whether Sandy talked to Seth, and Sandy responds that he "think[s] so." He tells Kirsten not to blame herself, and she insists that she's not, but how can she let a "strange boy" live in the house? She insists that Seth should know that any mother would do the same. Sandy says he was talking about the contractors, but that wasn't entirely clear, since they were talking about Ryan in the first place.

Back at the Model Home, Marissa questions whether Seth really intends for Ryan to stay there. Seth acknowledges that the place needs some "sprucing up," and then groans, "God, did I just say 'sprucing'?" He asks what Ryan thinks, but Ryan hasn't had time to think yet. Seth enthuses that it beats a group home, and then rushes to show them "the best part." He dramatically swings open the back door, where awaits a large, concrete hole. Ryan concludes that it's "an empty swimming pool." Seth replies, "To some people."

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