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Burnin' Down the House

Seth leads Ryan and Marissa back inside through hanging paper, pointing out what he thinks could be Ryan's "room." That's such a teenager's mentality -- having a "room." Why does he need a room, when he has a whole house? Ryan isn't sure if it's okay for him to stick around; Marissa insists that he should stay, and so he agrees. Seth faux-snits, "So when she says it, you listen?" and Ryan points at him all Brandon Walsh-in-the- credits-of- 90210-style.

Marissa's phone rings again, and as she greets Summer, Seth's all, "Hey, hey, hey, is that Summer? Tell her I said, 'Happy Birthday!'" Marissa looks amused and continues her conversation with Summer, who is wearing a birthday tiara and wanting to know where Marissa is. She says they're coming to get her, and Marissa insists that she's on her way. Seth continues to spasm in the background, and so Marissa caves and tells Summer, "Seth Cohen says 'Happy Birthday.'" Summer's all, "Who?" but Marissa smiles, nods, and tells Seth, "She says, 'Thanks!'" Seth makes an "oh, wow!" face, which Ryan returns in mock excitement. Hee. Marissa signs off with a perplexed Summer. And who knew a girl like Summer had "perplexed" in her emotional catalogue?

Marissa tells Ryan and Seth, "I gotta go meet my friends -- my other friends," which is kind of cute. Seth also needs to go to "protect [his] cover," but before they leave, he insists that they first need to promise not to tell anyone. He points out that Ryan obviously won't, and that Seth himself could get grounded, which leaves Marissa. He shines the flashlight in her face as she echoes Ryan's earlier "I can keep a secret." They agree to meet the next day to fix the place up, and a moon-faced Ryan thinks "it's cool." A departing Seth enthuses that the plan is "foolproof," which is television-speak for "There's going to be a giant fire, burning this house down." It's just like the time on 90210 when Steve Saunders was suddenly a party promoter and the electrical systems weren't up to code, which the random Hispanic helper guy warned him about and almost took the fall for, and during which Kelly Taylor burned all of her body except for her perfect face, so Brandon could still love her, even when she went into a cult because of it. And I promise you, I will never again compare our beloved Seth to Steve Saunders. Unless he uses the word "foolproof" again.

And oh lordy, what is with this Thicke video for "Brand New Jones"? This guy thinks he can sing and dance like Stevie Wonder, which, if you couldn't tell, is a back-handed complement. He's quite the rump-shaker, shaking his booty like a champ. Let me qualify that: like a Special Olympics champ. The lyrics include the word "puppy," though, which is a total shout-out to the wonderful, hangdog Benjamin McKenzie. Also, some random woman keeps crossing her legs, and then the lead singer moonwalks. He moonwalks, people. "Moonwalks," in case you were wondering, passes Spellcheck.

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