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Burnin' Down the House

It's morning now, and Ryan, still clad in black, wanders the halls of the empty model home. It's very white, so clearly they're going for the contrast.

In the Big House, Sandy looks for Ryan in the pool house, and then the eyebrows realize that the bed wasn't slept in. I've never really got that whole "unslept-in bed" thing. I mean, some people actually make their beds. Or have maids to do that for them.

In the model home, Ryan makes his way through white hanging construction papers.

A police car pulls into the driveway of the Big House. Upstairs, Seth is on the phone with Marissa and tells her that "the key here's not to panic." He asks whether she has her "supplies," and she questions whether it's still safe to go with the cops outside. He says he'll handle "Johnny Law," and then snarkily asks if she's losing her nerve. She curtly tells him to just meet her in the driveway. A shifty-looking Seth skirts the corner of the house with his skateboard and finds Sandy waiting for him. They need to talk about Ryan. And personal space.

Over at Lady Heather's Lair, Luke is downing breakfast, to Marissa's surprise. He explains that he's just "grabbin' a little grub" before they take the boat out. She's all, "Boat?" and he explains that he thought they'd take his father's boat out, waterski, and have lunch together.

Ryan, meanwhile, does chin-ups in his wifebeater. I have no idea why, and in this case it absolutely does not matter as long as he keeps right on doing it.

At the Big House, Seth is questioned as to Ryan's whereabouts. He claims not to know, and then adds, "He did say something about going down to Mexico and gambling on cockfights," and then rambles on about the jurisdiction of the O.C. police. Sandy admonishes Seth to stop joking and answer the questions. Seth insists that he did answer the question and sadly states, "I did not know the guy. I never got the chance!" Aw. The eyebrows look concerned.

Back at Lady Heather's Lair, Lady Heather enters Jimmy's study, all proud that there are eggs for him to eat. She asks for a check because she's taking Caitlin to the stables, and Jimmy questions whether Caitlin really needs a pony; he thinks Caitlin won't even like horses in a couple of months. At this, Caitlin storms into the room all, "What? I love China. She's the prettiest pony." I'm assuming the writers weren't going for "cute" with that young actress. Lady Heather shuts down Jimmy, explaining that they're not giving up China. She sends Caitlin out to wait in the car, and then massages Jimmy's back, complaining that work is making him tense. He sees this as an opening to fess up about his problems, but she cuts him off: "You know I don't like to talk about work." He slowly begins to tell her that he's made a few mistakes and she insists, "Jimmy. You don't have cancer. No one is dying. Whatever it is -- whatever you've done -- I'm sure you'll fix it." She then rushes him to write the check because she doesn't want Caitlin to be late.

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