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Playing Chicken

Inside, Sandy has to admit that Frank is starting to win him over. Ryan agrees that Frank is a different person than he used to be. It's too bad that it took a terminal illness for that to happen. "Better late than never, I guess," he says. And then Sandy's Phone of Dramatic Revelations rings. Ryan goes outside with the dessert, and Sandy answers it.

Seth and Summer drive through the desert on their way to Vegas, although based on their expressions, you'd think they were driving to their spots on death row. "Are you okay? Wanna stop?" Seth asks, ever-so-hopefully. Summer does not. Seth suddenly pulls the car over and says he "can't do this." Summer thinks she's won. But no! Seth finishes that he needs to ask Dr. Neil for Summer's hand in marriage before they tie the knot. Summer says that once they talk to Dr. Neil about this, "there's no turning back." Because a guy currently living it up in Seattle with his second ex-wife totally doesn't believe in giving second chances. They turn the car around to "make it official." You know, guys, a game of chicken is a lot of fun until someone accidentally drives his car off a cliff and Natalie Wood gets all upset and then Paula Abdul makes a music video based on it with Keanu Reeves playing James Dean. Then it's no fun at all.

Back at the Cohen's, Frank is upset to hear that his baseball-playing son turned to musicals after Frank went to jail. They laugh about this, as the lack of a stable male role model in much of Ryan's life is the height of comedy. Taylor tells Frank that she will "straighten [Ryan] out," as if Ryan's sexuality was in question and not that of the guy who probably just spent the last eight years sodomizing his bitch, "Tiny." Sandy comes outside to stop all the good times. He asks to speak to Frank inside. Ryan senses danger.

Frank starts to thank Sandy for his hospitality, but Sandy ain't having it. He says he talked to Frank's prison doctor and he knows that Frank doesn't have cancer. And now Ryan's going to have to find out that yet another family member lied to him. Frank starts to get pissed, and you can see just a little of that scary, violent edge he used to have. But Sandy keeps on going, saying he's called Frank a cab and he can either tell Ryan the truth before he leaves or let Sandy do it afterwards. Frank tries to appeal to Sandy's conscience, saying that he was desperate and didn't think Ryan would agree to see him unless he said he was dying, even after all the work he put into being clean and straightening his life out. In those whopping six weeks that he's spent out of jail. Sorry, Frank, but you lost the choice of whether or not you could see Ryan when you sucked at being a father to him and went to jail for eight years. Now it's Ryan's decision whether or not he wants to re-establish contact with you, and you have to respect whichever decision he makes. Sandy won't budge, and Frank shoots him a great ice-cold glare as everyone enters the room.

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