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Playing Chicken

Kirsten points out that Frank used to beat his wife and sons. "He made no excuses," Julie says. Well, whoopee! He still hit helpless people -- the fact that he has no excuses for this behavior doesn't make this any better. Julie says that Frank only hit women and children when he was drunk, and he no longer drinks. Oh, well, problem solved, then! I think we should also take into account the fact that Frank was in prison this whole time, and, aside from that homemade nasty wine I see featured on those "Inside The Prison Walls" Dateline specials, there isn't much to drink. Nor are there women or children to beat. So it's not so much "reformed" as it is "lack of opportunity."

Frank tells Sandy that the system worked for him. Sandy has to agree with the possibility of this, as it would make his public defender work totally useless if he didn't. He asks Frank why he's reaching out of Ryan now.

Julie answers this question for Kirsten, saying Frank just got out of jail so this is his first opportunity to see his son. "What was he supposed to do, send a postcard from prison?" Julie asks. Um, yeah, actually. Shockingly enough, people in prison do manage to stay in contact with their loved ones on the outside. A few notes to Ryan about the changes he's made in prison and his determination to become a better person might have done Ryan a lot of good and paved the way for Frank's reentrance into his life. Oh well! Julie says she's convinced that Frank has really changed. And Julie is a really good judge of character, so her words should be heeded.

Frank tells Sandy he just wants a chance to prove himself to Ryan. But he won't do it without Sandy's blessing. Unless Sandy doesn't give his blessing, and then Frank will just force his way back into Ryan's life. Sandy checks out a few ocean stock shots instead.

Ryan accuses Seth of chickening out of breaking things off with Summer. He also tells him that Taylor told him that Summer doesn't want to get married. And now that everyone knows this, there shouldn't be any problem with Seth telling Summer the truth and this contrived predicament ending. But no, there are fifty minutes left in the show, so it won't be that easy. Seth says he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with Summer having to live down the fact that he was the one who broke off their engagement. "The ring you gave her glows in the dark," Ryan points out. "I know! That's so cool!" Seth says, all excited and cute. Ryan says that if Seth's still too chicken to tell Summer how he feels, then he probably shouldn't get married to her. Actually, he says that Seth should just give Summer no choice but to tell him how she feels. "Smoke her out," Ryan suggests.

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