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In fact, she only gives Kaitlin an "A for originality" and an F for her presentation. Which averages out to a nice round C, so, good job, Kaitlin! Way to exploit the loophole in your crappy teacher's assignment! Teach warns Kaitlin that she's about to fail English class, and then ChrisBrown comes back into the room, apologizing for forgetting his books. Yeah, he's a real brain trust. Teach then says something particularly cruel in light of ChrisBrown's difficulties: "[ChrisBrown], you seem to have a real handle on public speaking. Would you mind helping Kaitlin with a revised presentation?" ChrisBrown obviously does mind this, but since he can't get the words out, he has no choice but to help Kaitlin. Way to punish your best student just to get back at your worst, Teach. Teach warns Kaitlin that "every word better be different" from her last report, which shouldn't be too hard since Kaitlin's report only had one word.

Sandy stops by "El Pavo Guapo," which Ryan reports is out of shrimp tacos. I wonder why. Was there a shortage on shrimp? Did someone eat them all? This is quite the mystery. Sandy says he's not here for the food, but to talk to Ryan. He asks him when he's on break. Because there's no better time to tell someone that their abusive jailbird father is back in town after eight years than when he's in the middle of a shift. Gez, Sandy, it's called "timing."

We don't get to actually see Sandy tell Ryan what's up, as the scene starts with Ryan reeling from the news. He says he always knew his father would be out of jail one day, but it's "weird" now that it's actually happening. And he's not particularly interested in his old father, who seems to be "from another life." Sandy says that's fine, and Ryan asks where his usual speech about the importance of family is. Sandy only reserves that for when the family position being threatened by the re-emergence of an Atwood isn't his own, so there won't be one this time. "You are my family," he just says. Ryan seems touched by this comment, although it's hard to tell with him. He thinks, then says he doesn't want to see Frank: "Maybe later, not now." "Then that's what I'll tell him," Sandy says, trying his best not to jump up and triumphantly pump his fists in the air for winning the Ryan's Dad contest. Ryan heads back to work for what is sure to be a really fun shift for him, then asks Sandy how his dad seemed. Sandy says he seemed "good." "Good," Ryan says. Thus endeth the exchange of vague adjectives.

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