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Playing Chicken

Frank gets the news from Sandy over his silly hotel phone with the giant red flashing message waiting light. Frank is disappointed, but thanks Sandy for trying. He hangs up, and we see that Julie is in the room. She asks Frank what he's going to do now.

Seth hands Summer a cookbook and informs her that he signed her up for cooking classes, as he expects his wife to prepare a "nice, home-cooked meal" for him every day. Summer will also be converting to Judaism, and Seth has provided her with a Torah to this end.

Summer throws the Torah on Taylor's bed and complains that Seth is trying to smoke her out. Way toss around sacred religious stuff, Summer. Remind me to go crap in her Bible. Summer says Seth's plan is "sneaky, cowardly, and totally passive-aggressive." And she really wishes she had thought of it first. Taylor asks Summer if she's going to tell Seth the truth now. "Frack that," Summer says. I guess it's too late for a Battlestar/OC crossover episode, huh? Oh well. Instead, Summer says she's "going to go Bridezilla on [Seth's] ass." Well, those two are definitely adult enough to make a mature decision about lifelong commitments.

Sandy stops by NewMatch, only to find Kirsten and Julie talking to an unseen man. He's as surprised as anyone else to see that they actually have a client, but it's actually just Frank. Kirsten looks upset and says they need to talk. Frank says he has something to tell Sandy. With tears running down her cheeks, Julie tells Sandy that Frank is dying. Wow, she's more upset about that than she was about her own daughter dying. Sandy just looks pissed off.

The next morning at the Cohen house, Kirsten is feeling very guilty about not telling Ryan about Frank's terminal cancer. Sandy feels totally fine about it, though. Ryan doesn't want to see Frank and Sandy doubts that Frank even has cancer. Kirsten says that, after smoking two packs a day since the age of fourteen, "it would be weird if [Frank] didn't have lung cancer." Well, not really. I mean, his lungs wouldn't be in the best of shape certainly, but Frank looks still looks pretty young to me. Kirsten wonders if Sandy's dislike of Frank is personal, then warns him that after a lifetime of shaving his face with a razor, it would be weird if Sandy didn't have cancer of the beardline. Sandy says it's very personal: "Ryan is our son. [Frank] has hurt Ryan before. I'm not gonna let him do it again." Kirsten asks Sandy how Ryan will feel if he finds out that they knew that Frank had cancer and didn't tell him. He'd probably get parental figure betrayal cancer. Kirsten begs Sandy to "let" her talk to Ryan.

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