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Ryan gets out of another endless day of work to meet Taylor Townsend. They kiss and are a great couple. Ryan says their evening plans will have to wait, as Kirsten wants to meet Ryan in her office. Yeah, that's a great place to tell him that the father he doesn't want to see is dying. The Cohens have absolutely no sense of good locations to break bad news. Taylor Townsend puts her two cents in about Ryan's decision not to see his father, although, as a refreshing change from certain other Ryan ex-girlfriends, asks him if he wants to hear it first. It's basically the speech about the importance of family that Sandy was supposed to give Ryan: Taylor Townsend says that her father lives fairly close by with his "new family" and comes to Newport four times a year to check on his car dealership. But never, apparently, to see Taylor. And this, you can tell, really hurts her. So, in a way, she thinks Ryan's lucky to at least have a father who wants a relationship with him, even if that father isn't such a great human being. Ryan thinks about this.

Summer spends her evening learning Hebrew with Julie assisting on the flashcards. Summer takes a minute away to tend to her burning brisket, and I thought those things were impossible to burn. Don't you cook it at a low heat for, like, three days? Summer says "this" isn't working, and Julie asks why, exactly, Summer is trying to learn the Hebrew alphabet in the first place. Summer breaks the news that she and Seth are engaged, and Julie isn't sure if she's supposed to be happy or sad about this news. "You're young, but, hey -- worked for me!" she says. Yeah, it worked really well. Let's ask Marissa how well it worked... oh. How about Jimmy... oh. And Kaitlin is probably off smoking weed. But keep on living in denial in that mansion you don't even own or have any right to live in, Julie! Julie soon realizes that Summer is only staying engaged to Seth to try to get "the upper hand," and says she can be a great deal of help for Summer. Julie Emerils that Summer needs to "kick it up a notch." "I think it's called chutzpah," she says. Summer tries to pronounce the word the Jewish way, by calling up great amounts of phlegm from the back of her throat. This leads to Julie and Summer have a phlegm-off that doesn't last nearly long enough. They could have made that the rest of the episode and I would have been happy.

Frank and Kirsten walk along the pier at night, because it's always a good idea to walk alone in a dark and fairly desolate area with a guy you know has a history of violence against women. Anyway, Kirsten actually apologizes to Frank for her husband's behavior towards him, to which Frank responds "can't say that I blame him." See? Even Frank's like, "uh, why are these people all being so nice to me? I got out of jail six weeks ago and I destroyed my family." Kirsten says that there's someone here who wants to meet Frank. It's Ryan. Damn it! Why didn't we get to see the scene where Kirsten and Ryan talked about this? Lame! Ryan checks out his father, who's like a foot taller than him (and everyone else on the show), and simply says "hi." "Hi," Frank answers. I see the family resemblance. Ryan invites him out for a cup of coffee. Kirsten smiles. But it's a sad smile, as she knows her role in this episode is pretty much over.

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