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Playing Chicken

And we've been denied seeing Ryan and Frank's coffee reunion, as after the commercial it's the next day and Ryan is telling Seth about it while he sets up "El Pavo Guapo" for another day of endless work. Seth asks Ryan what he and his father talked about, but Ryan just says they "kinda talked," and he didn't want to yell at his father once he actually saw him face-to-face. Instead, he invited over to the Cohens' for dinner tonight. Seth says he can't go, as he and Summer have a date at some Jewish word tonight that's more important than Ryan. Ryan urges Seth to stop the "crazy train," but Seth says he will not lose to Summer, and to this end he's even started to bond with Pancakes, who is currently nestled in Seth's messenger bag and being super-cute. Ryan tells Seth that animals are not allowed in the fine dining establishment that is "El Pavo Guapo." Seth tells Pancakes to ignore Ryan, who must be suffering from 'roid rage to say such mean things to a helpless bunny. Ryan threatens to put Pancakes in a quesadilla if Seth doesn't remove him from the premises. Seth is indignant on Pancakes's behalf and says he and Pancakes will be out on the patio. He orders a side of carrots for Pancakes. Ryan wonders how Seth has managed to make his pet rabbit more important than Ryan's long-awaited reunion with his estranged and possibly dying father.

As English class starts, Kaitlin gets her speech from ChrisBrown and doesn't even bother to look at it. The Wards are jealous that ChrisBrown got to do Kaitlin's homework instead of them and say pathetic words to that effect. Teach enters the room and sends Kaitlin up to the front of the class to give her revised oral report. Kaitlin stands there and only then does she look at the words she's about to say. And they're the same words as her last oral report. For all we know, it's the same report ChrisBrown gave, but we just didn't understand what he was saying. Anyway, Kaitlin is totally screwed now, although you can't feel sorry for her at all. She has no choice but to wing it. So she says that Buck's story is a metaphor for being a teenager while Jack London spins in his grave so hard that he accidentally drills all the way to China. But everyone else, including ChrisBrown, think that Kaitlin's report is really awesome and great. "Dude, she's pretty deep," Cute Ward says. "Shut up, dude. I'm trying to listen," Clown Ward says. It had better be to a loud-ass fart he's about to rip in front of the class or my opinion of the Wards will have decreased somewhat.

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