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Frank, Julie, and Kaitlin drive down an empty street in Frank's boat-sized car. Frank and Kaitlin make peace, and Kaitlin apologizes to Frank for the mugshot thing that I didn't think he even knew about until just now. Julie asks Kaitlin were she got the Clown Porn. "I found it in Dr. Roberts' study," Kaitlin says. Julie and Frank believe her for a second. She claims to be joking, but from what I know about Dr. Neil, I think it's true. Kaitlin starts suggesting that Frank get a haircut (oh god, yes) but then Julie spots Seth running down the street pushing a shopping cart. They drive right past him until Kaitlin suggests pulling over.

Taylor apologizes to her mother for the shooting. She says she loves her mother, even though they fight. It takes Mrs. T way too long to say she loves Taylor, too. "I don't think I've ever heard you say that before," Taylor says. Christ, is Mrs. T a bad mother. She says that all she thought about after the earthquake was Taylor and making sure she was okay, but then she was shot because she's such a "failure as a mother" that her own daughter didn't think she would come looking for her. They hug, and Mrs. T would probably have tears in her eyes if she was capable of feelings.

Ryan made it to the hospital. He wakes up in bed and sees Seth sitting at his bedside. Seth says that he'd tell Ryan that he "gave us all quite a scare," but since he wasn't scared, he won't. Yes, Seth, you were very brave. You're a hero! He also took the step of donating blood, so now he's coursing through Ryan's veins as well! Hmm... let's hope that sketchy Mexico tattoo didn't come with any nasty diseases! Ryan says he suddenly has the urge to listen to Death Cab and read comic books. "For real?" Seth asks hopefully. No, Ryan says. "That's too bad, because if we could've turned this into a body swap comedy, we could've squeezed another year or two out of this," says Seth, the Voice of Meta. Ryan tries to thank Seth again, but he says that Ryan has saved him plenty of times. He owed him one.

Ryan asks about everyone else, and Seth says that Mrs. T and Pancakes have matching casts, Frank, Julie, and Kaitlin are around somewhere, and Sandy and Kirsten are still waiting for the test results. They appear in the doorway, and Kirsten says that everything is fine. No separation, whatever that was. And Kirsten is having a girl! Hmm... that means that there's a possibility that when the baby is born, someone will hold it and say "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!" It would be a good way to end the series, I think.

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