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Finally, everyone leaves the hospital. Ryan and the Cohens chat and meet up with Summer and Pancakes. Taylor clings to her mother as she fills out her discharge papers. When Ryan comes around the corner, she runs up and gives him a big hug. Aw. The group keeps walking and comes across Kaitlin cutting Frank's hair with Julie's nail scissors. Good. Julie's there, too, and she hugs and kisses Sandy and Kirsten. Sandy even shakes Frank's hand. Ryan leaves the hospital with one arm around Frank and the other around Taylor. Mrs. T brings up the rear with only her crutches for company. And this time, we fade to white.

Darryl joins an exclusive club of O.C. characters with real plotline resolution. He drags his belongings to the abandoned Rover. He opens the trunk and climbs into his new $70,000 home.

Ryan and the Cohens return home. Sandy's pleased to see that the house seems to have stood up pretty well. They're looking forward to sleeping in their beds and eating grill food. Sandy opens the door, and even though a picture on the foyer wall somehow survived the earthquake unscathed, the rest of the house didn't fare as well. In fact, it's just a shell at this point; the roof caved in and has destroyed everything inside it. Good thing they weren't home during the earthquake, eh? "Oh, my god," Sandy mutters.

Next week is it! Cross your fingers they don't do what they did with this episode and try to cram too much into one hour. This show deserves to go out on a high note.

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