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Kirsten's cell phone rings. It's Ryan, checking in. Sandy tells Kirsten to tell Ryan to stay at the Roberts house (since it's not a deathtrap or anything), and then his phone rings. It's Seth, standing over the wreckage of Ryan's jeep and its new hood ornament -- a lamp post. He gets off the phone with Sandy as Summer walks up with a flashlight she found in the car (Boy Scout Ryan is always prepared). He tells her that Sandy told them to walk back to the Cohen house. I guess everyone's supposed to stay calm and stay put except for people who aren't near a tall, collapsible building. Summer's worried that Sandy heard something about aftershocks or looters, and Seth agrees that zombies are a concern, but says that Sandy just thought it would be a safer place for them. Then he gets a text message. It's from Ryan, and it says: "Need yr help. Pls come to Coopers. Dont tell Summer." Lame txt speak, Ryan. I know you're dying and all, but if you have time to capitalize letters and make periods, then you have time to spell all the words out and add apostrophes. Seth says they're going to make a little change of plans. Instead of lasting a decade like it seemed like this initially popular show would, it's being cancelled after a truncated fourth season.

After the credits, we return to the show with a series of shots of various characters in the earthquake aftermath separated by short fades to black: Julie and Kaitlin (thank God they're okay!) eating ice cream, Sandy and Kirsten sitting on a bench and pointing a flashlight in someone's face, Ryan watching Taylor do something, and finally Seth and Summer biking towards the Roberts house. I guess whoever gave Taylor that bike wasn't such an asshole after all. I feel foolish. Summer sits on the handlebars while Seth pedals. A bunch of emergency vehicles with lights flashing and sirens blaring race past and Summer orders Seth to stop the bike. She wants to go to the Cohen house instead, and Seth has to do some quick thinking before invoking the name of Pancakes. The camera zooms in on Summer's worried face. They ride off towards the Roberts house.

Things creak in the Ice Cream Shoppe. Kaitlin finishes off a vat of ice cream while Julie calls Frank and leaves a message for him saying that she and Kaitlin are fine (I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know that his little cockblocker made it through unscathed) and trapped in an ice cream store. Kaitlin insensitively asks her mother why she's even calling Frank if they were taking their relationship "down a notch." Suddenly, the ice cream store employee appears from the back room and reports that the door there is also stuck. What are you doing here, Ice Cream Store Guy? Really, what? It's the penultimate show and we're wasting precious seconds on you? Did Josh Schwartz, like, promise this guy and the mailman and G.E.O.R.G.E. guy that he would give them a small part on the show and now he has to shoehorn them all in or something? Kaitlin makes the best out of a bad situation and puts her order in for another ice cream cone. The ice cream store guy already knows what she wants, though, and says his name is Gary. Julie continues to call him "Ice Cream Guy" and asks if they have a ladder so she can try to escape through the roof.

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