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While Ryan leans against a doorframe and exsanguinates, Taylor shows off her all-purpose, handy-dandy Personal Safety Device, which is a flashlight, radio, cell phone charger, compass, and siren all in one. A cell phone charger is considered a personal safety device now? What times we live in! Taylor also has bottled water, canned goods, a gas mask, and North Korean currency since "you never know." No, but after that giant long distance missile they tried to launch totally fell into the ocean forty seconds after launch, you can probably guess. Ryan turns the radio on, only to hear the news that the first fatality has been reported. A pedestrian was hit by a power line. Ouch. Ryan turns the radio off, and he and Taylor both react to this sobering news. Taylor wonders why her mother hasn't tried to reach her yet and worries it's because something happened to her. Is that a better or worse feeling than knowing your mother isn't contacting you because she hates you? Taylor wants to go to her house and check on her mother, which is not what Ryan wanted to hear. He lies that Seth texted him and said he and Summer are coming to the Roberts house. Oh my god, Ryan. So Taylor doesn't like the sight of blood, so what? She'll faint and then she'll get over it. I'm sure she'd much prefer that than the sight of you dying at her feet because your hero complex prevented you from telling her about your freaking medical emergency!

Sandy rounds everyone up so he can boss them around. I wouldn't stand for that, but the Promenade people have no will, so they listen as Sandy says they should all stay put as there's plenty of shelter, food, and water to go around. There's also a camera that keeps spinning around and zooming in and out. I'm dizzy. Kirsten walks up with some blankets and tells Sandy that his ability to "calm an angry mob" is sexy. Um... angry mob, Kirsten? I guess when you're as depressed as she is, any display of emotion looks extreme, but the only mob I saw was full of children and their half-dead parents, none of whom looked angry. But Sandy accepts the compliment and asks her how she's doing. She says that even though she had her problems with Newport as of late, it's heartbreaking to see it like this. She wanders off to pass out the blankets while Sandy answers his cell.

It's Frank. Oh, crap, he's here too? Every time I think he's gone for good, he comes back. He's calling to check up on Julie and Ryan while stuck in traffic. Sandy says that Ryan's fine, but he doesn't know about Julie. What's up with the selective cell phone service this episode? Julie's been calling and leaving messages all over town, but somehow no one's heard from her? And Frank wouldn't answer his phone when Julie called even though his phone apparently does work. Frank gets all pissy at Sandy for having no news about Julie and hangs up on him. He looks at the traffic. People are out of their cars and milling around like they're in an R.E.M. video.

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