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Gary checks out the scene through the ice cream store roof. He climbs down and informs Kaitlin and Julie that they've somehow managed to get washed out to sea on the pier. Kaitlin's reaction is annoyance, while Julie's is annoyance followed by an awesome "say WHAT?!" face.

Seth and Summer finally show up at the Roberts house, and Seth and Ryan exchange meaningful glances before Summer and Taylor rush off to find Pancakes, who is more important than anything or anyone else. Seth and Ryan leave the two defenseless young ladies to that while they claim to go off to get supplies. Taylor points out that she already has supplies, so Seth says they need anti-zombie gear as well. Hee hee. I love his fear of zombies following natural disasters, especially because I think at least a little part of it is genuine. "Pancakes needs you right now," Seth says. Summer cares more about the rabbit than anyone else, so that works on her. She rushes off to find Pancakes and Taylor follows. As soon as they're gone, Seth asks Ryan what's up.

The girls aren't as stupid as you might think. They noticed how weird Seth and Ryan were acting, but Summer cares more about finding Pancakes. She finds Pancake's heretofore unseen cage (I thought he lived in that stupid bag, although the cage isn't much bigger than that. For an animal lover, Summer sure doesn't seem to mind squeezing her rabbit into cramped living quarters), but it's open and Pancakes is gone.

Outside, Ryan explains to Seth that Taylor "has this thing about blood," and begs Seth not to freak out when he sees Ryan's wound. He pulls his shirt up to reveal a chuck of glass stuck in his side and asks Seth to tell him it's not that bad. "Dude, it's bad," Seth says. Yes, it is. Let Pancakes go, grab the girls, and go to a hospital.

But no, they're driving the Range Rover through the Balboa Wetlands and past the lifeguard tower on what Seth says is a shortcut to the hospital. Some shortcut -- it's over three seasons long! And, they're lost. Way to fucking go, Seth. I mean, really. Did he think the "H" on those blue signs stood for Hospital Not This Way? Ryan's less than thrilled, and he's all sweaty and dying. Seth makes this all about himself and how Ryan's dying is making him feel and then he runs over a tree branch in the road. He stops the car and checks it out (but not before fretting over being attacked by zombies) and finds a flat tire. So what? You can drive on a flat tire. It's not advisable and it will cause further damage to your car, but it's better than causing further damage to Ryan.

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