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Taylor questions the logic of looking for Pancakes in the attic. She doubts that Pancakes would be able to open the hatch, pull down the ladder, climb up it, and then close the ladder back up and shut the hatch. What Taylor doesn't know is that the Roberts attic has special powers that allow one to simply appear in it without having to go through the bother of actually entering it. Basically, you cease being integral to the storyline and then WHAM! you're there. So that could have happened to Pancakes. They head up the ladder and are greeted by a skeleton. They scream, and the camera cuts back and forth between them and the skeleton while scary music plays. Hee hee hee. Awesome. One poster wondered if this could perhaps be Mischa Barton making one last appearance on the show that "made" her "career," and I can't improve on that. It's not Marissa, though, but "Uncle Al," Dr. Neil's med school skeleton. The girls look around for Pancakes, and Taylor bitterly notes that Summer is a better mother to her rabbit than Mrs. T is to Taylor. Summer tries to make her feel better by saying that her real family might suck, but there are a lot of people who care about her in Newport. "If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's you make your own family," Summer says; "Seems to me that you've scraped together quite an awesome one." Too bad this show got cancelled before we could find out what happened to Summer's mother. Summer hears some banging in the vent. They open it up and there's Pancakes. Unfortunately, there's also an aftershock. Pancakes turns and runs away while Uncle Al falls over. Oh, now he falls? He stood through that whole earthquake, but the puny aftershock was just too much for him? Lame, Uncle Al.

Kaitlin screams as the roof of the Ice Cream Shoppe partially collapses. Newport is the town that Caleb built very shoddily.

The tire is off, and the Range Rover is jacked up when the aftershock hits. While Seth watches helplessly, the Rover sways, knocking the jack off-balance and destroying it.

Kirsten's standing on a stairway clutching the banister. Sandy calls out to her, but stuff is falling all around him so it's not prudent to run to her. When the aftershock stops, Kirsten has disappeared from the staircase. Bookstore Lady finds her lying at the bottom of the stairs looking bored. "Something is not right," she says, holding her belly.

Back from the commercial, the Montage of Disaster gets the creepy arctic wind sound effect treatment as various characters recover from the aftershock. Seth tells Ryan that cell phones and the car's navigation system are now down, so they're stuck. Seth thinks the best course of action is to walk and look for help. Ryan wants to come too, but that's ridiculous. Also, why not drive? It's missing a wheel, so what? If the car still moves, drive it! It's still better than walking. Ryan convinces Seth to let him go with him by reminding him of zombies. And since Ryan's almost dead, he'll be joining their ranks soon. Seth throws Ryan's arm over his shoulder and they start walking. Seth resumes the list, saying they left off at Trey, so now it's the Volchok era. Ryan stops Seth to thank him, and Seth mentions Chili and Johnny, saying that Ryan did not punch either of them, even though "a lot of people were rooting for that." Maybe we can make a list of Seth's meta references next.

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