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Sandy and Kirsten had no trouble getting to the hospital, although they might have some trouble getting attention. The place is packed. Regardless, Sandy rushes over to a nearby doctor and demands that his wife be treated right away. The doctor says he's not going to treat Kirsten before all the other people who need help, especially since she doesn't appear to be in any immediate danger. Understandably, Sandy will not accept this. The doctor asks if Kirsten is bleeding, and she says she isn't, but "something isn't right." She should have said she was bleeding. "Something isn't right" won't get you prompt ER attention even on their slowest days. The doctor tells them to get comfortable and tries to escape, but Sandy follows him for a man-to-man chat. He begs the doctor to treat his wife, and a nearby patient wearing a neckbrace and an icepack gives up his spot in line for Sandy and Kirsten. His number is called, and Sandy and Kirsten take it. Thanks, Random Neckbrace Guy! Hope you don't die while you're waiting!

Kaitlin's not having fun anymore. They're out of ice cream and adrift in the Pacific Ocean, somehow. Julie decides to check out the roof for herself, much to Makeover Gary's chagrin. Makeover Gary, by the way, looks just like he did before except he isn't wearing the apron or the bowtie. It's not much of an improvement. He breaks out in an asthma attack to get Julie to stop climbing onto the roof. Kaitlin hopes that he has an epi pen she can stab him with, but no. Damn! Gary says the only cure for his asthma attack is if no one climbs on the roof. That, and an encore performance of "Night Moves." How has no one seen what a creepy lying weirdo Gary is at this point? Probably because they aren't paying attention to him, as they shouldn't. I wish I didn't have to. Julie starts singing while Gary flops on a table and gasps away. His performance is so convincing that Kaitlin decides he needs CPR even though he's breathing and his heart is still beating. She does chest compressions that are really bad for you if your heart is beating and then breathes into his mouth. During all this, Julie's still singing "Night Moves" and really getting into it. Kaitlin shrieks and leaps away from Gary. The asshole Sandloted her and slipped her some tongue while she was trying to save his life! "I'm sorry," he says. Just kill him, girls. It's okay. The series is ending -- no one will find out! It occurs to Julie that the amazing girl Gary likes is Kaitlin. "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me," Kaitlin snorts. That would have been a good spot for a trademark "oh, crap." It's not a good spot for the zoom into Gary's face, however.

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