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In the attic, Summer resumes her search for Pancakes. Taylor points out that it's been over an hour since Seth and Ryan left and she's getting worried. Summer says she's "freaking terrified" about this, and that's why she's focusing on finding Pancakes and not the fact that her boyfriend could be zombie food. Suddenly, they hear noises downstairs. Summer finally loses it and runs around the attic looking for a hiding spot. She ducks into the vent and starts screaming. I can't really blame her. Taylor shushes her and says she has a "better idea." What's a better idea than hiding?

At the ice cream store, Kaitlin, Julie, and Gary try to move something out of the way of the door while the girls yell at Gary for his lies. His excuse is that Kaitlin comes to the ice cream store "all the time" (despite her trim figure) and never pays attention to him. "I know the only reason you'd ever get to know me is if you have no choice," Gary says. Hmm... sounds like he thought that through before the earthquake and it was only a matter of time before Kaitlin got abducted and stuck in a pit in Gary's basement. She's lucky the earthquake happened, I guess. He says that when he got his chance, he didn't want it to end. "That's understandable," Kaitlin says. It is. She's pretty awesome; who wouldn't want to be near her? Julie starts to realize that Gary lied about more than the asthma attack when someone starts crashing around outside the ice cream store. After a Herculean effort, Frank manages to get the door open. What a welcome sight he is. Julie and Frank embrace, and, with Kaitlin's permission, make out. Frank also breaks the news that the pier wasn't washed out to sea after all. The girls turn and glare at Gary. Well, that's what you get for not checking it out yourself.

Kirsten's doctor is on call during earthquakes, so she checks out the baby on the ultrasound. There's a heartbeat, she says, but the baby is "under stress" and "after a fall, there can be separation." Separation of what? Church and state? Head and body? It doesn't sound good, whatever it is. Sandy asks if that's treatable, and the doctor just says they still have some tests to run. Then she separates herself from the room.

Seth and Ryan continue their walk down memory lane and towards the hospital. Seth asks Ryan who was a better server: Chloe or Don? Ryan says Chloe. Seth asks who Ryan would rather be stranded on a desert island with: Sadie or Lindsay? Ugh, neither. Ryan can't answer because he's dying and can't walk anymore. Seth helps him sit on a curb while Thom Yorke wails away. Seth has no choice but to leave Ryan there. I don't want Ryan to die, but it would kind of serve him right after delaying medical treatment and walking around while bleeding.

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